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DeLaSalle Athletics, Clubs, and Activities strive for sustained competitive excellence and the development of I.S.L.A.N.D.E.R leaders in society. DeLaSalle provides education based activities that are a direct extension of the classroom. Students are provided with a wide variety of activities that offer an enriching experience, allow students to try something new, and develop a lifelong passion. Over 90 percent of students will join at last one activity, and over 75 percent will try at least two…or more.

Participation in our student activities gives each student an opportunity to learn and mature into a well-rounded young adult. Our student activity programs work hand in hand with our curriculum to teach values and lifelong skills. We want to develop the whole person and through our activity programs, coaches and moderators find ways to promote this development.

We invite all students to consider participating in one or more activities during their time at DeLaSalle. There truly is something for everyone so decide which activity is for you.

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DeLaSalle Activities Information & Protocols

Sign up for the Remind App today to receive updates and communication from your coaches! The Remind App is a school approved communication tool for all athletic teams at DeLaSalle (plus theatre). Parents/guardians and students are welcomed to join each team they plan on participating on by downloading the App and entering in the correct class codes. We ask that all families sign up for the “program” codes for each sport their son or daughter will participate in. Once team levels are selected, you can then sign up for that specific team code as well. Click here to get started! 

When working with highly passionate, committed, and caring individuals it is almost inevitable that conflicts will arise, especially in athletics and activities. Good communication and clear expectations can assist in limiting conflict, however, the nature of athletics and activities does not always mean equal opportunities for all. We need to keep in mind that we can control our own perception, but not others perception, and that is exactly what is used in determining logistics of athletics and activities; perception. This can cause confusion and misunderstanding, which is why a clear protocol for dealing with conflict when it arises is necessary. 

Please click this link to learn more about our Activities Conflict Resolution Protocol. For a detailed description of the Conflict Resolution Protocol, click here.

Not finding the activity you are looking for in your high school experience? It may not be too late! Check out our New Club or Activity Proposal Protocol to see if your activity can be added today.

DeLaSalle offers a number of varsity level athletic and activity opportunities. When we are able we are working to add activities based on interest levels (participation numbers), financial obligations, transportation logistics, and activity program equity (how will adding this program add or take away from another). We understand that there are a number of activities in our community that students are participating in, but are not DeLaSalle sponsored activities. Although, we support a variety of activities and encourage students to get involved in activities that are the right fit for them, even if they are not DeLaSalle sponsored; DeLaSalle does not grant varsity letters for non-DeLaSalle sponsored activities. 

In order to earn a varsity letter from DeLaSalle High School a student needs to be participating at the varsity level and adhere to the activity specific guidelines for earning a varsity letter. If an activity is not specifically named a varsity activity, the coach or moderator will need to request approval from the Activities Director regarding varsity level placement. 

If you’re looking to add an activity at DeLaSalle High School, please follow the New Club or Activity Proposal Protocol.

Attending DeLaSalle Sports

Students, parents, alumni and friends are encouraged to support DeLaSalle students in competition. DeLaSalle students, as well as adults and family members, should always be prepared to pay an admission fee when attending activity events at other schools.

Admission prices for regular season home football, volleyball and basketball games is $6 for adults, $4 for non-DLS students(K-12), and $4 for seniors. Home regular season games and events are free for DLS students with a current DeLaSalle student ID card.

If you are a regular attendee at our sporting events, buying an all athletic event pass may be right for you! For $50 this pass will get one adult into our home regular season football, volleyball, basketball and wrestling events. Click the “Buy a Season Pass” button below to purchase one online or you can buy one at the entry of any home event.

Fans attending any DeLaSalle game or competition are reminded to practice good sportsmanship. Learn more information here:

Sportsmanship – A Parent’s Guide

Do’s and Don’ts for Parents of Athletes

Activities Office Staff

Keelie Sorensen
Keelie Sorensen
P: 612.676.7676
F: 612-676-7692

Sam Johnson

Associate Director
P: 612.676.7661
F: 612-676-7692

Cindy Schlafmann
Athletic Trainer