Over 90 percent of the DeLaSalle student body participates in at least one co-curricular activity – and the school’s activity offerings provide an opportunity for students to collaborate, engage, learn, and problem solve in a number of ways that appeal to all types of interests. Click on each activity to learn more.

Activities & Club Information

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DeLaSalle offers the following student activities:

Moderator: Carlos Villagomez

ALAS (Associaton of LatinX and Allied Students) brings representation to DeLaSalle within LatinX community. ALAS works to unite the latinx and Hispanic communities to talk about issues within the latinx community, and provide a safe space to talk about these issues. ALAS also works to engage the DeLaSalle community in LatinX culture and make students feel more in touch with their culture, background, and history.

Moderator: Aaron Cote

ASA (Asian Student Association) works to create a welcoming and safe environment for members of the AAPI community as well as the rest of the student body. We want people to come together and learn about different Asian cultures and experiences. We also want to educate ourselves and others about the history and continued struggles that Asian Americans face on both a local and global scale.

Moderator: Christine Swords

Students have the opportunity to develop their artistic talents through creative activities.

Season: Mid- September to Late April

Moderator: Paul Sczepanski

Students who are interested in making things with their hands or participating in competitive throwing sports will find their place in the DeLaSalle Atlatl Society. Students learn how to design darts, use the atlatl, an ancient hunting weapon, and proper throwing techniques. Then, students test their skills, under adult supervision, by using the atlatl to throw the dart at a target in a safe environment.

Season: Fall – Early September to November, Spring – March/April (Weather Dependent) to May

Moderator: CJ Hallman and Barbara McAdams

Our mission is to provide a fun, inclusive space for students to express themselves comfortably, by encouraging all perspectives on the black experience. Our focus is on discussing black and minority issues in society today, through the facilitation of conversations on black culture and unity. In addition to this, our events will be all-inclusive and student-focused, with an emphasis on the black experience. Through all of this, we will promote the self-love and confidence of all identities. We want to provide a space for All experiences to be celebrated; while leaving a legacy DeLaSalle can be proud of.

Season: September- May

Moderator: Chelsea Hoops

Although boys’ volleyball is not yet a Minnesota State High School League sponsored sport, DeLaSalle wants a space to provide the activity for those who are interested. The activity will start out as a club program in the spring. We plan to create an atmosphere of teamwork and the love of the game. 

Season: Spring


Moderator: Michael Jacobs

Are you interested in learning to play chess? Are you interested in improving your chess playing skills? Are you an accomplished chess player looking for good competition? Players of all levels are encouraged to stop by the Chess Club drop-in sessions every Tuesday after school from 3:00-4:15 pm.We play chess on an informal, drop-in basis. We hope to organize a tournament for DeLaSalle students next school year.

Season: September- May

Moderator: Dave Pearson and Judith Roggow

Students come and learn how to program in block code using Spheros and mBots or using other tools such as Raspberry Pi or Microbits. Students can learn how to fly FPV drones and compete in a Drove Racing League.

We follow the Technovation Challenge curriculum to teach the girls how to build apps and develop a business plan, market research and supportive marketing materials for the app. Teams present their completed project at the  Minneapolis regional competition in the spring.

Season: October- May

Moderator: Aaron Cote

ESports is a growing activity around the country, taking the competitive atmosphere for sport and activity to a virtual format! If you are interested in individual improvement, and/or direct team cooperation via a number of online games and competitions – this is the club for you!

Moderator: Br. Dylan Perry

The National High School Ethics Bowl is a program that promotes respectful, supportive, and in-depth discussion of ethics among high school students nationwide. By engaging high school students in intensive ethical inquiry, the NHSEB fosters constructive dialogue and furthers the next generation’s ability to make sound ethical decisions. Our collaborative model rewards students for the depth of their thought, their ability to think carefully and analytically about complex issues, and the respect they show to the diverse perspectives of their peers.  As a result, it enables students to practice and build the virtues central to democratic citizenship, thus preparing them to navigate challenging moral issues in a rigorous, systematic, and open-minded way.

Season: Weekly one hour practices in the fall, Meeting two to three times in the winter for practices, competition begins in February

Moderator: Pam Beckman

The GREEN Team is a student-led organization dedicated to creating a brighter, greener, more just present and future through a commitment to sustainability planning and practices, environmental education, and the scientific and organic development of green technologies and landscapes on campus and in the community.  New members are always welcome!

Season: All Year

Moderator: Nicole Stecklein

Students of all grades are invited to weekly meetings, during lunches on Fridays, of LEAP (Lasallians for Equity and Peace). The group welcomes inspiring guest speakers, engages in topical discussions, and plans events such as Diversity Week, Social Justice Week, and school liturgies.

Season: All Year

Moderator: Brad Casey and Jeremy Zavitz

The Men’s Association of Competitive Readers is an organization for young men to get together and read literature while engaging with that literature in a competitive setting. MACRs strives to encourage young men from diverse backgrounds not only to read, but to enjoy reading.

Season: Spring

Moderator: Malcolm Newman

An inter-school, competitive activity directed by the MN High School Math League.

Season: Mid- October through Mid- February

Moderator: Matt Larson

The Minnesota High School Mock Trial Program is an exciting law-related education program that introduces students to the American legal system and provides a challenging opportunity for personal growth and achievement. Students will exercise their critical thinking and teamwork skills, as well as the basic skills learned in the classroom in addition to receiving coaching and advice from experienced volunteer attorneys. Students will be assigned to either the prosecution or defense and participate a civil or criminal trial playing the part of lawyers or witnesses based on a case specially crafted by lawyers in the Minnesota Bar Association. No experience with law or acting is required.

Season: Mid- October through Early- February

Moderators: Taylor Groenke and Br. Dylan Perry

The National Honor Society (NHS) elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Each student will be working on chapter and individual service projects. 

Season: All Year

Moderator: Christi Swords

NAHS is for juniors and seniors who complete art projects to earn 10 hours of making art in the DeLaSalle community and the greater community.

Season: All Year

Moderators: Sam Homan

The Newspaper and Podcasting club are for students that are interested in the fields of broadcasting and journalism. Students could work together to create an Islander newspaper and an Islander Podcast with different columns or programs. They would also have a chance to develop their own podcast about a topic of their choice. Along the way, they will improve their writing skills, their ability to research topics, and they’ll also learn about audio production!

Season: All Year

Moderator: Martin Marrin

Quiz Bowl is an academic competitions between teams of four who compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more.

Season: Practices start late September, matches are from October – January, additional tournaments after the season concludes

Moderator: Patrick Banas

Students who enjoy problem solving, hands-on learning, and creativity help to design and build a robot from a set of parts that can accomplish an assigned task. Students enter the completed robot into competition with other schools.

Season: Winter – Spring

Moderator: Jimmy Arroyo-Miller

Speech is an extracurricular that is for anyone interested in improving their public speaking, writing, auditioning, and performing skills. It is team oriented like track: while we may compete in different categories, all our efforts together bring home the gold!

Season: September – April

Moderator: James Buffington

Student Council is the voice and governing board for student experience. They are also responsible for organizing and planning student activities throughout the year. Students apply to join student council on yearly basis, freshman are allowed to join in their second semester.

Season: All Year

Moderator: Malcolm Newman

The Table-Top Games Club is for students to experience the fun of interacting with the members of the DeLaSalle community in a social (not social media) setting, learn new games, and share/teach games to others.

Season: All Year

Moderator: James Buffington

DeLaSalle Theatre is the award winning performing arts program at De. The program offers students opportunities to involve themselves in performance, technical and leadership positions. Students are the performers, technicians and promoters.

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring (some summer opportunities)

Fall Theatre Schedule

Moderators: Judith Roggow and Alison Post

Women of Words is a club for girls to enjoy books and reading.  We meet 4-5 times/year during lunches to discuss books. Our goal is to encourage young women to read and discuss books while learning how to hold a discussion about the book.

Season: All Year

Moderator: Farrah Buffington

The yearbook club is responsible for creating and designing the school yearbook. They often are seen student activities, sporting events, etc. gathering photos, stories, and student memories.

Season: All Year