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Doug Duea

Doug Duea has found his home teaching Spanish and French at DeLaSalle since 2004. “DeLaSalle has so much to offer students: a holistic and challenging curriculum, an emphasis on faith and social justice, and an environment that supports, encourages and honors diversity and differences. There’s nowhere else I would rather be.” Senor Duea holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and French K-12 education from the University of Central Oklahoma and is pursuing a Master’s degree in K-12 Reading through the University of St. Thomas. He has lived in Japan and taught at middle and high schools near Oklahoma City and Northeast Minneapolis. An avid cyclist, Senor Duea rides to work nearly every day and promotes bicycling among students by leading the Bike Club. He and his wife live in Uptown Minneapolis with their cat. He enjoys writing music and lyrics in his spare time.