In its vision statement, DeLaSalle High School commits itself to preparing students “to be of service to the local, national, and global community.” Caring for others in need is an essential part of the Lasallian tradition that has inspired the school from its inception in 1900. Through the Christian Service program, students begin to understand people in need. They learn about the forces in society that cause poverty, hunger, prejudice, and other injustices. They see how they can make a difference in these situations on a local and global level. DeLaSalle hopes that such service becomes a life-long habit for its graduates. All students, including those who transfer in after ninth grade, must complete at least 60 hours of Christian Service and write a paper reflecting on the impact of that service. This is a graduation requirement. The Lasallian Ministry staff sets criteria for the hours and paper, and provides forms on which students document their hours. Upon completion of their hours and paper, students will receive a grade of “P” (passing) and 1 credit.

DeLaSalle is adjusting how you submit your Christian Service hours. Students will no longer need to complete a paper validation form. Instead, students will complete an online form using a link that will be emailed from the Technology department. Ninth grade students will receive the link first, then the link will be sent to all other students.

Please have the following information available to successfully complete the online validation form:

  • Organization
  • Organization Phone Number
  • Description of the volunteer work you did
  • Supervisor’s Name
  • Supervisor’s Phone Number and Email Address
  • Date “signed“
  • Number of Hours Volunteer
  • Date(s) Volunteered
Please see CJ Hallman, Director of Service Learning and Community programs, with any questions moving forward.



The Giving Tree Christian Service Project
Giving Tree Project Validation Form
Christian Service Program Information