DeLaSalle High School is a Catholic, Lasallian, co-educational high school located in an urban setting, and is committed to providing students with a faith-based and structured curriculum designed to prepare them for post-secondary opportunities and choices.

DeLaSalle and its students have been guided since the school’s opening in 1900 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, known informally as the Christian Brothers. The Brothers, who follow in the footsteps of St. John Baptist de La Salle, live out a Lasallian charism that focuses on educational service of the poor. This mission remains relevant for our time and essential for the Brothers and Lasallians.

The effort required of each one of us is one of conversion of the heart and of the mind. As demonstrated by the unwavering and enthusiastic commitment to attract students from various economic levels, academic abilities, racial communities, and ethnic backgrounds, DeLaSalle extends beyond the facilitation of academic success to the preparation of students to be of service to the local, national, and global community both during and after their formal education.

Admission to DeLaSalle is open to students of other faiths and denominations. Regardless of faith tradition, students are required to take courses in Theology throughout their years of attendance and attend school liturgical celebrations that are held on a regular basis during the school year. Mandatory grade level retreats are conducted annually through the Lasallian (Campus) Ministry program.