These are unprecedented times. But the strength of DeLaSalle since 1900 has been how well our community adapts to the times in which we find ourselves, looks out for the well-being of each other, and responds with resolve to overcome challenges big and small.

Your gift to the DeLaSalle Support Fund (COVID-19) will help us support those students, families, and employees who are experiencing hardship because of the coronavirus pandemic. The DeLaSalle Support Fund will provide:

    • FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR FAMILIES AFFECTED BY THE CRISIS: The money collected from the Support Fund will be used to respond to financial hardships faced by our current families, some of whom have already been laid off by their employer.  Throughout our history, DeLaSalle has been defined by welcoming students of ALL socio-economic circumstances and responding to individual needs as they arise. We are especially grateful if you can help us help a student or family in this extraordinary time.  
    • WIFI AND TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANCE SUPPORTS LEARNING: For the past nine years, all DeLaSalle students receive an iPad for their academic use throughout the school year. In the midst of this COVID-19 health crisis, we are supporting our student learners.  By maintaining our high expectations and course content in an online school delivery, we are ensuring that our seniors will be prepared for college in the fall and that other students will be prepared for their next grade level. To do that equitably with ALL families, we have provided mobile hotspots to those families who do not have home WiFi that will allow students to connect and continue learning synchronously with their teachers and classmates.
    • MEAL ASSISTANCE: DeLaSalle has distributed meals to more than 125 students who receive free or reduced meal benefits and commits to continue supporting their nutritional needs throughout the pandemic. If you or someone you know is in need of meal assistance, please contact Barry Lieske.