1.  CATHOLIC – Minneapolis’ eminent CATHOLIC high school builds a Lasallian community centered on Gospel values, daily prayer, community liturgies, Christian Service programs, and four years of Theology coursework.

2.  INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION – Maximum amount of INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION, where every student is known by first and last name, ninth graders are not “cut” from activity programs, average class size are lower than averages, and teachers are always available outside the school day for additional help.

3. COLLEGE PREPARATION – Academics focused on COLLEGE PREPARATION, with innovative technology, 14 Advanced Placement courses and other honors and college credit programs. Annually, over 98 percent of graduates attend college, with most having earned college credits and/or merit scholarships.

4. TECHNOLOGY – To prepare for responsible academic use of emerging, interactive, and global 1:1 TECHNOLOGY, each student is issued a school-owned iPad, at no extra charge, complete with academic management systems which support all students in communication and areas of curriculum.

5. BUILDING UPDATES AND ADDITIONS – Over $25 million of BUILDING UPDATES AND ADDITIONS in the past two decades, including the new Richard M. Schulze Learning Lab, new athletic facilities, new and renovated classrooms and science labs, solar panels, three building additions, technology enhancements — and more to come.

6. INTEGRATED DIVERSITY – Welcoming the rich gifts of authentic and integrated cultural and socio-economic DIVERSITY, we draw families from over 125 different schools, from St. Michael to Cottage Grove, Prior Lake to White Bear Lake.

7. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE – There’s SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE here, with over 50 clubs or teams, fine arts, student leadership, athletics and more. From state champs to first time participants, De offers many levels of success for students.

8.  AFFORDABLE – DeLaSalle is AFFORDABLE for most families, with a less expensive tuition than most Catholic schools in the Twin Cities, an outside work program available to all, free busing for most students, and grant/scholarship programs that exceed $3.0 million.

9.  SCHOOL BUS SERVICE – Multiple routes of SCHOOL BUS SERVICE serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the suburbs.

10. GROWTH AND STABILITY – Unprecedented GROWTH AND STABILITY since 1990, as our enrollment has grown to its largest in 47 years, and alumni/friend support has exceeded $43 million.