Welcome Future Islanders!

Greetings from Nicollet Island!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in DeLaSalle High School. It’s our honor to meet with students and families to share with them the DeLaSalle story. Our graduates are young women and men who are intellectually competent, religiously aware, and marked by a genuine commitment to the service of others. It is wonderful to hear again that so many are interested in DeLaSalle. We hope to meet your family soon!

Drawing from more than 125 different grade schools across the Twin Cities, enrollment this fall has grown to its highest levels in 47 years, up 30 percent in the past nine years alone!  In part to address our growth — but in larger part to provide up-to-date learning spaces comparable to modern campus classrooms and office settings — we are excited in 2020-21 to continue creating collaborative learning spaces at De. These spaces complement our two-year-old Center for Innovative Learning – a campus expansion and renovation for 21st century learners.

Our Island Green Initiative continues to gain momentum. With the designing of our new organic garden, LED lights installed throughout our campus, 120 solar panels atop the LL Gray Gym roof, and a composting program, DeLaSalle earned our third consecutive ENERGY STAR certification within the past year. We are in the eighth year of our Isle-Pad program.  DeLaSalle was a forerunner in 1:1 tablet technology  that puts an iPad in the hands of each student – now common in middle and high schools across the state.  Our teachers continually implement new technology strategies to strengthen our multi-level, college preparatory academic programs. Our graduates attend many of the finest colleges and universities, and they say without hesitation that DeLaSalle prepared them to meet the challenges of higher education.

It’s a great time to be an Islander!

And yet, with all this good news about growth, building projects and innovation, we remain focused on our primary duty as a Catholic, Lasallian high school: to understand and encourage the gifts of each individualized student as he or she becomes a young adult over the next four years. Every student matters at DeLaSalle. We will get to know your child by name as we continue our practices of keeping small class sizes and having a “no-cut” policy for 9th graders who try out for extracurricular programs. Teachers care. Coaches and moderators care. We’re looking for students who also care and want to be in a school where they will matter.

While we hope our online resources provide you with the information you need about DeLaSalle, visiting our historic campus is the only way to truly get a sense of the distinguished history and tradition that make DeLaSalle such a special place. We hope you’ll come visit us soon and learn why so many know DeLaSalle is a great school and it keeps getting better!

Saint John Baptist de La Salle…Pray for us!

Live Jesus in our hearts…Forever




Mike O’Keefe ’78
Vice President for Enrollment