Class of 2023

-Friday, February 15

Application Deadline for 2019-20 Ninth Grade Early Admission.  By this date, students must submit an application, a copy of the middle school transcripts, at least one letter of recommendation (from a current teacher), and take the Entrance Exam.  (To apply for academic scholarship consideration, applicants must submit three (3) letters of recommendation by this date, in addition to the other application criteria.) NOTE:  Families are strongly encouraged to submit the 2019-20 TADS application by February 15th to be eligible for consideration of all scholarship opportunities based in part on financial need.


-Friday, February 22

Offers of admission emailed to prospective ninth grade students and a course registration packet mailed to family residence.


-Saturday, March 2, 9:00am-noon

The Class of 2023 registers for classes!


-Between April 1-15

Via email, DeLaSalle will send individualized tuition agreements for the 2019-20 school year. Any scholarships or need-based financial aid is reflected on the agreement. Families are asked to select a tuition payment option and accept the agreement electronically. Paper copies are available upon request.


-Saturday, April 13, 9:00am – Noon

We ask that all registered members of the Class of 2023 and at least one parent attend the Enrollment Orientation Program. Topics covered include effective orientation to high school, connecting to student activities — including summer camp and workout programs — tentative bus routing and transportation, honors and Advanced Placement programs, opportunities for parent involvement. .. and other topics as well.

We host an Activity Fair where families can meet with coaches or moderators and learn more about the structure of DeLaSalle’s various student activities. Also, all registered ninth graders will be required to take an Algebra mastery exam to assist with mathematics placement at the appropriate level.


-Saturday, May 4

Accelerated placement exams are offered for students who wish to be placed beyond a first year of a modern language or science sequence. Students must pass the mastery exams in order to be placed in an accelerated level of such courses. The Spanish, French, or Chinese placement exams will be offered from 9:00 – 10:00a.m. The Science placement exam will be offered at 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Also, we will offer an optional Geometry Mastery Exam from 11:00 a.m. – Noon for students taking Geometry in middle school.


-Saturday, May 11, 7:00-9:30pm

“Welcome Party” for the Class of 2023. Meet your future classmates and engage in a number of fun activities. Dance to a DJ, participate in Mardi Gras games or group activities, or just enjoy the atmosphere of your new school. Approximately 40 current De students will be your hosts for the evening, assisted by a number of staff members. Free admission, pizza and soda will be available.

“Meet and Greet with Treats” for parents of the Class of 2023.  Sponsored by DelaSalle’s Parent Association, new parents are invited to drop their child at the “Welcome Party” and then join other parents for a few treats and some good conversation about DelaSalle from a parent’s view.



Summer Camps are offered in many areas, including the following: basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, tennis, theatre, and volleyball. Register online here.


-July 12

Please submit an order for school uniforms by this date in order to ensure delivery by fall.


-August 1

Please submit a copy of the student’s physical by this date. A physical is considered “current” if it’s occurred within the past three years, and we require one on file for each incoming student.


-August 12

Fall Sports Begin with practices for football, boys’ or girls’ soccer, boys’ and girls’ cross-country, girls’ swimming, girls’ tennis, girls’ volleyball, and cheerleading. Student­ athletes should expect daily practice in high school, including most Saturdays. More details to follow from the Student Activities Office


-August 22, 8:30am-3:00pm

“New Student Orientation” is a REQUIRED full-day academic and social orientation for all members of the Class of 2023, beginning at 8:30 am and ending at 3:00 pm. In addition to fun, introductory activities led by students, all new students meet their academic mentor, receive their class schedules, and then be introduced to teachers and important school personnel as part of a 90-minute tour /building orientation.


-August 26

First Full Day of Classes, 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.