The Office of Student Services supports students in registering for classes, managing student data, and providing academic records. Registrar Shari Gallagher offices in D200, on the second level between the A and B buildings.

Anticipated Absence

Students who attend classes every day increase their chance of success in their studies. Parents may request that their child be absent for a single day or multiple days using the Anticipated Absence Form, which must be submitted to DeLaSalle at least three days prior to the first date of the anticipated absence. Students with approved absences have the obligation of completing the Anticipated Absence Form and making appropriate arrangements with teachers to ensure that all missed academic work will be completed.

How to Request a Transcript

If you attended or graduated from DeLaSalle and you need a copy of your transcript, please click on the yellow “Request a Transcript” button below to send an email to the school. Please include:

  • Your full name
  • Your graduation year (or if you did not graduate, which years you attended DeLaSalle)
  • The reason for your transcript request


To learn more about the academic program at DeLaSalle, please select from one of the following tabs:

The academic year is two semesters with school days beginning at 8:30am and concluding at 3:00pm. A normal school day consists of eight 44-minute class periods (seven course periods and one lunch period). Events and activities such as: community liturgies and prayer services, guest speaker presentations, pep assemblies, along with Homecoming, Diversity, Social Justice Awareness, and Winterfest enhance DeLaSalle’s school day.

Parent-Student Conferences are conducted at mid-term of each semester. A student’s grade point average (GPA) is calculated using the semester’s final grades.

The fall semester concludes before Christmas Break and the spring semester begins early in the new year.

Requirements for a DeLaSalle Diploma include:

  • 4 years of Theology
  • 4 years of English
  • 3.5 years of Social Studies
  • 3 years of Mathematics
  • 3 years of Science
  • 2 years of a single Modern Language
  • 1 year of Fine Arts
  • 1 semester credit in Health is required in Grade 10, 11, or 12
  • 1 semester credit in Physical Education:Wellness is required in Grade 10, 11 or 12, and may be fulfilled either as a course or by administrative exemption
  • 1 semester credit of Physical Education 9
  • Passing the Christian Service requirement (60 hours of Christian Service)
  • Passing the required course in Foundations and Ethics in Technology
  • 45 minimum semester credits are required for graduation.

Students who have completed one full season of participation on a DeLaSalle athletic team, beginning with the fall season of 10th grade through spring season of 11th grade, may apply for a waiver of the PE: Wellness credit. Students who play a sport not associated with DeLaSalle, because it is not offered by the school, may apply for a waiver through an administrative exemption. Students will be sent a link to the waiver application request that must be filled out completely and submitted by early May of the academic year before which the student would like the waiver applied.

  • DeLaSalle is on Semester terms
  • DeLaSalle does not publish class rank
  • Transfer Grades are included in cumulative GPAs
  • Letter grades are given
  • GPA begins with first term of 9th grade & is weighted with the following values:
    • College Preparatory classes:
      • A (4.00), A- (3.67), B+ (3.33), B (3.00), B- (2.67), C+ (2.33), C (2.00), C- (1.67), D+ (1.33), D (1.00), D- (0.67)
    • Honors and AP College Preparatory classes:
      • A (4.60), A- (4.22), B+ (3.83), B (3.45), B- (3.07), C+ (2.68), C (2.30), C- (1.92), D+ (1.33), D (1.00), D- (0.67)
  • Students in the Class of 2019 may request their transcript through the Guidance office
  • All other alumni may request a transcript through the Office of Student Services

]DeLaSalle encourages all students to purchase these supplies for their coursework:

  • Notebooks
  • Pens and pencils
  • Folders
  • Backpack

School Supply Reminders

Students in Algebra 1 and Geometry should have a scientific calculator. Students in Algebra 2, Precalculus, Statistics, and all Calculus classes should have a graphing calculator. Casio graphic calculators are not recommended.

Each teacher and course may have specific requests for school supplies. Students will hear about this on the first day of classes.

The School Store will again sell draw-string bookbags this year that are the only approved bag for carrying items during the school day. Backpacks are to be used only to carry items from home to school and back.