DeLaSalle continues to be on the forefront of Principal Jim Bensoneducational growth. The tradition started by our founder Saint John Baptiste de la Salle over three centuries ago endures in our classrooms and hallways. The centerpiece of this growth is our rigorous academic program that inspires our students to critically examine information that students have more convenient access to then ever before. Academics, combined with an experience rooted in the Catholic traditions, provides students the moral compass to be ethical leaders beyond Nicollet Island. I enthusiatically urge you to explore this section to read about the many ways our students combine faith and academics to not only prepare them for college but for a successful life as adults.

I am also honored to introduce you to the educators of our students, the faculty and staff whose commitment is second to none by reading more about DeLaSalle’s college prep curriculum and the philosophy of our departments. Each department’s curriculum has been developed to provide students a variety of experiences both advanced and college prep appropriate. Activities in courses use state of the art technology that encourages students to be innovative and collaborate with one another while also realizing there is no technology that will ever trump the learning that occurs through face to face conversation.

To learn more specifics with regards to college planning check out the office of Guidance & College Planning which provides students with many services that include both academic support as well as college planning sessions. From one on one meetings, to classroom sessions, to parent information nights, the Guidance Department endeavors to provide as much information and guidance as possible to help students with the college application process.

Finally, I encourage your child to be an Islander for a Day and visit as a shadow spending the day at DeLaSalle experiencing what our curriculum is all about. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information. Your child will appreciate the experience.


Best Regards,
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James Benson