The DeLaSalle Guidance and Counseling Office is dedicated to helping all students reach their academic, intellectual, social, and personal potential by providing guidance, educational support, and resources in:

  • Post-high school planning
  • Current academic studies
  • Social and emotional development

The Guidance Office is located on the first floor of the B Building, across from the Florance Center.

Students and parents may work with counselors on college research, to obtain booklets and pamphlets on personal growth, to meet one-on-one with a counselor, or help themselves to the many resources available.

Guidance Office Services

Since nearly all DeLaSalle students move on to college as a postsecondary choice, the Guidance staff is very involved in assisting students with their postsecondary plans. The planning process is a collaborative effort with the student, parents and the school. The college counselors work with juniors and seniors in a variety of ways:

  • Assist in identifying post-secondary options
  • Assist with essays and personal statements
  • Write letters of recommendation
  • Process and review applications before mailing them to colleges
  • Mail mid-year and final grades to colleges

The guidance counselors assist and support students in achieving academic success. Our counselors help students develop academic goals, assist with course schedules and intervene with any barriers that may be interfering with academic success.

Counselors are available to meet with students about personal issues before school, during the student’s free period or after school. Students should not miss class to meet with a counselor, unless there is an emergency and must have a pass from the teacher of the class they will miss.

Who’s My Adviser?

Each DeLaSalle student has a dedicated Guidance office employee who provides social, emotional, academic, and college advising. The staff member responsible for various advising responsibilities depends upon what grade the student is in and upon the first letter of the student’s last name. Please use the information below to contact a staff member.

Counselor Serving Students Domain Contact
Stacey Carter
Department chair, licensed school counselor & family educator
Last names I-Z,
grades 9-12
Social Emotional
Academic Advising
College Planning

Barbara McAdams
Certified college planner
Last name R-Z,
grades 9-12
Last name M-Z,
grade 11

College planning and programming 612-676-7621
Beth Braun
Minneapolis Non-Public Guidance, licensed school counselor
Last name A-H Social emotional
Academic advising
College Planning
Juli Gottschall
Catholic Charities licensed social worker
Students qualifying for Title I services Academic counseling
Social emotional
Karen Gillespie
Lee Carlson Center therapist
By appointment and referral School-based mental health services 763-780-3036 x581