Nine students and three instructors are the latest to visit Brazil through DeLaSalle’s Global Advantage program. The group will be in South America from July 27-August 7.stock-quilombo-feature

Students can earn up to three college credits by successfully participating in the “Introduction to African American Studies” course through the University of Minnesota’s “College in the Schools” program. U of M professor Dr. Rose Brewer and doctoral candidate Vanessa Abanu (mother of Ayinde ‘16) join Casey and Reed in teaching the course. The course will study people of African descent, the evolution of African American culture, and comparative race relations in Brazil.

“We will examine changes over time and employ sociological, economic, cultural, and political tools for understanding the historical and contemporary positioning of African descendants in the U.S. and Brazil again with connection to other diaspora Africans. We will be centrally concerned with how domination, race, gender, and class shape African descendants lives in the U.S. and Brazil and how resistance has occurred” to systems of oppression, explains the course syllabus.

Students will prepare a portfolio of materials that express the historical and sociological understanding they gain from the course. Students will display their portfolios during a community celebration open to the public on Saturday, September 26 from 11:00am-2:00pm.

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