DeLaSalle is centrally located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, making it easy for students to come from every corner of the Twin Cities. Click on the tab to learn more about how you can commute to DeLaSalle.

School Bus

DeLaSalle coordinates the many daily bus route and activity buses coming and going each school day. Conscientious cooperation from all students and parents will make this another safe year!SchoolBus

AM and PM Service

All school bus routes will begin service the first day of school on Monday, August 23, 2021. Morning routes are designed to arrive at DeLaSalle at 8:00am; classes begin at 8:30am. Afternoon buses leave school at 3:10pm. Buses load and unload students in front of the school building. 

Please understand if you move once the school year starts, we will do our best to accommodate new addresses.  We cannot guarantee we will be able to provide busing to new places of residence. It all depends on how close you will be to the existing routes and stops. 

Transportation fees are non-refundable.

DeLaSalle contracts with Northstar Bus Lines to provide daily bus service for students living in Minneapolis. Families living in Minneapolis requesting bus service must complete a request form. The cost for Minneapolis bus service is $200 for the year; this includes morning and afternoon service(two-way).

Stop information comes directly from the busing contractor in early August. A bus stop will be terminated if it has been inactive for a prolonged period of time. If there are circumstances that prevent students from riding the bus for an extended time, families should email or call the Main Office at 612.676.7600.

DeLaSalle Direct Service offers a few bus and van routes to and from St. Paul and suburban areas. Attempts are made to provide timely and efficient service to as many families as possible. Stops are established near or at a central location near a student’s residence. A centralized stop involves picking up a group of students at centralized locations. It is designed to be less expensive and more efficient (shorter bus ride). Students may ride round trip or only purchase one-way service. Families are responsible for transporting students to and from a centralized pickup point. Direct Service routes are based upon contract requests. Families living outside of Minneapolis requesting bus service must complete a request. Route information will come from DeLaSalle in early August. The cost for direct service is $1,700 for morning and afternoon service(two-way), or $900 for either morning or afternoon service (one-way).

Home District Transportation Reimbursement

Some, though not all, school districts provide DeLaSalle families an opportunity to request transportation assistance for eligible students who are legal residents of that school district. Each fall, DeLaSalle shares with the primary contact in each household a copy of what is known as Form 1000, which is used to request reimbursement. De families requesting reimbursement must click on the link in the email and complete the form. All families who live outside the MInneapolis city limits and receive transportation through DeLaSalle must complete and submit the form as part of their transportation contract agreement.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

School buses and vans carrying DeLaSalle students and visiting students have the highest priority in using DeLaSalle Drive, the street in front of the main school building. To prevent undue traffic congestion during peak hours at the school, please note these reminders.

Each school day nearly two dozen buses and vans filled with Islander students arrive at DeLaSalle between 8:05 and 8:20am. These vehicles are required to unload at the curb. To keep congestion to a minimum and safety at a maximum, adults who bring students in their own vehicles should arrive before this time or drop off their students on either East or West Island Avenue.
At 2:30pm, school buses begin to line up along DeLaSalle Drive in front of the school for the 3:00pm dismissal and afternoon routes. Adults picking up students in their own vehicles may not do so in the driveway or parking lot areas. The City of Minneapolis has installed “15-minute loading zone” street signs on West Island Avenue that allow parents and guardians to temporarily wait along the curb closest to the school to pick up their children. Please be courteous to our island neighbors and others who use the island by pulling as close to the curb as possible to let other vehicles pass.

DeLaSalle runs team buses every afternoon taking students to and from practices, games, and activities. In addition, visiting student activity buses need an area to unload their players. To keep all students safe and the front street curb area open for bus loading and unloading, adults coming to pick up student athletes MUST wait (park) in the parking lot.

Note: At this time DeLaSalle does not offer late bus routes taking students to stop locations after practices, games or club meetings.

Public Transportation

DeLaSalle’s central location in the heart of Minneapolis provides students with easy access to an extensive public transportation network serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the suburbs. Five Metro Transit bus routes directly serve DeLaSalle with a stop on Hennepin Avenue. The school is just blocks away from the METRO Green and Blue Lines and within walking distance of regional suburban transit providers who offer regular express routes with downtown pick-up and drop off locations.

Student Pass

DeLaSalle students may purchase Student Go-To Pass and are then eligible for unlimited access to all regional buses and trains. (For select Northstar fares above $3.00, add stored value to your Student Pass to cover the additional fare.)

Student Go-To passes must be renewed quarterly, according to the following dates:

Q1 (Aug. 23-Nov. 3)Q2 (Nov. 4-Jan. 15)Q3 (Jan. 16-Mar. 31)Q4 (Apr. 1-June 11)Total

A 10-ride pass is available for $15.

All students agree to the Metro Transit Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to the policies of DeLaSalle or Metro Transit may result in pass deactivation.

Why get a Student Pass?

Getting to school, work or your favorite hot spot is easy with your Student Pass. Consider the benefits:

  • Save more than 65% over other transit passes if you ride at least four days per week
  • Greatly reduce your carbon footprint
  • Turn travel time into productive time – read or study

Please contact the Main Office at 612-676-7600 for more info on ride sharing options.

Driving to DeLaSalle

Students who choose to drive to school must purchase a parking permit for their vehicles. Yearlong permits for the DeLaSalle parking lots cost $320. Permits are available until sold out.

DeLaSalle will continue to partner with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to offer daytime student parking in the Nicollet Island Pavilion overflow lot south of the Hennepin Avenue bridge. The lot is owned by MPRB, but students may purchase a permit through the DeLaSalle Main Office for $280 to park in the lot between 6:00am-4:00pm on school days. The MPRB-based permit does not allow students to park in the DeLaSalle parking lots.

For students who must drive to De but were unable to obtain a parking permit, the following are alternatives to parking at De:

  • 42 W Island Ave
  • Park in any space.
  • Locate the nearest pay station.
  • Select the desired amount of parking time, and follow the instructions on the pay machine to pay by coin, bill or credit/debit card.
  • Prices range from $.75 to $1.50 per hour. (Note: An early bird rate of $4 per day is available to patrons who park in the lot prior to 9:00am. Other rates may apply during the day.)
  • Place your valid receipt on the vehicle dashboard so that it’s visible to patrol officers.
  • The lot may not be available on special occasions. Please follow all posted signs and placards.

  • 212 2nd Ave SE
  • Daily Rates: $4.00 Early Bird (in by 9am), $3.00 – 0-2 hrs, $5.00 for 2-12 hrs

  • North of 3rd Ave NE vehicles may park curbside for free
  • Parking here is approximately 500 meters from De, a short walk that takes minutes


It’s a great time to try carpooling! You can save hundreds of dollars ever year and arrive to work less stressed – and happier! – by sharing the ride with others who live near you.

  • Cut your commuting costs in half or more
  • Reduce the stress of driving in congestion
  • Save on the wear and tear of your car
  • Help improve air quality by getting more cars off the road

Please contact the Main Office at 612-676-7600 for more info on ride sharing options.


DeLaSalle provides a secure bike rack in front of the main school entrance for students who choose to ride their bike to and from school. Students who ride their bike are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet and have their bicycle equipped with front and rear lights, a water bottle holder, and a portable tire pump.