DeLaSalle Logo

The official DeLaSalle logo has been in place since 1993. Designed by Brother Roderick Robertson, FSC, chair of the St. Mary’s University Art department and former teacher at DeLaSalle, the logo captures four elements that have been associated with DeLaSalle throughout its history:

The cross, a sign of our Catholic, Christian heritage, a calling to all associated with DeLaSalle to share in the meaning of Christ’s resurrection and promise of eternal life.

The star, a symbol associated with Lasallian or Christian Brothers schools around the world. It is a symbol of enlightenment and instruction, a reminder that those “who instruct many unto justice will shine as stars for all eternity.”

The solid letter, “D” for DeLaSalle – or for “De” as the school has commonly been known by families, alumni and friends throughout its history.

The waters symbolize two things both near and dear to DeLaSalle: our unique location, on an island in the middle of the most important waterway in the United States, and our waters of baptism, essential to all life, the grace that sustains those who have become children of God.

DeLaSalle School Song

DeLaSalle – come on let’s go!_DSC0367

We will fight right through the foe

Shouting our battle cry, ready to do or die

Side-by-side, along we go


We will win the victory

And we will fight, fight, fight straight through

We’ll lead you on with cheers of loyalty

So march on for De!

D-E-L-A-S-A-L-L-E, DeLaSalle! DeLaSalle!

Yaaaay Islanders!