DeLaSalle High School opened in 1900 as the first Catholic high school in Minneapolis. Administered by the Christian Brothers since its inception, “De” has been co-educational since 1971-72. Over 15,000 men and women have graduated from DeLaSalle, which is still located on historic Nicollet Island, within walking distance of downtown Minneapolis.

Today, DeLaSalle educates students from over 120 different Twin Cities grade schools, from as far away as 30 miles in each direction. Still the only traditional college prep Catholic high school within Minneapolis, De is also the most diverse private high school in Minnesota in terms of ethnicity, socio-economics, and family background.

DeLaSalle has a selective admission policy, predicated on a student’s desire for Catholic, Lasallian values and for college preparatory academics. Since 1990, ninth grade applications have tripled. Current enrollment has risen to a 45-year high of 770 students.