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Registration opens on June 4 for students in the Class of 2026 to attend the third-annual Summer Bridging Academy for incoming ninth graders. The orientation program was launched as a response to the “COVID-summer” of 2020, but it was so successful that it has now become part of the series of orientation and welcome programs for the newest Islanders.

The two-week program, with eight total morning sessions will be offered July 25-28 and August 1-4. Students will build new friendships with classmates, meet teachers and staff, engage with upper-class student leaders, begin learning how we use technology at DeLaSalle, brush up on academic skills, and participate in a lot of really fun activities, including two field trips.

The program is optional, yet it has attracted 60-75 percent of each incoming class the past two years. We focus on helping new ninth graders be prepared for the start of school on August 22. In addition to the Enrollment Orientation and Welcome Party programs of the spring, we hope the Bridging Academy helps connect students with classmates and resources on campus when they start high school. Thanks to generous donors, there is no cost for attendance, and transportation may likely be available from most parts of the Twin Cities. The program is open to registered, incoming DeLaSalle ninth graders only. For more information, please contact