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Board of Trustees Announces President Search

Dear DeLaSalle Community,

We pray that you find yourselves in preparation for the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter. It is this most important reality for all Christians that we are reminded that Jesus came for each one of us in our brokenness and sinfulness to offer the reality of redemption.

We are excited to announce that a formal search process has already begun for the next President of DeLaSalle High School. The DeLaSalle Board has assembled a diverse and experienced Search Committee to lead this effort. The Search Committee is composed of DeLaSalle Board members, alumni, Christian Brother representation, Archdiocesan representation, past parents, faculty, and other Lasallian and Catholic School leaders.

The Search Committee and Board are well aware of the passionate support among multiple stakeholders for the work we do at DeLaSalle. Perhaps especially so in these past two years, our administrators, teachers, and staff have been steadfast to the vision of Saint de La Salle himself. We partner with hard-working and supportive parents, inviting their daughters and sons to learn, pray, and grow together as a community at the heart of the Twin Cities. Our families know they are supported by alumni, friends, and benefactors who care deeply about their lives as well as a time-tested legacy that has been foundational to so many.

As a starting point, we invite all DeLaSalle community members to take a few moments to provide insight to our committee and to potential candidates by filling out this short survey. All responses must be entered by April 12th. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and perspective.

This is a remarkable school and our presence in the Twin Cities is important. The Search Committee and the Board will devote ample time to find the right person and follow a thorough process. Our goal will be to recommend three candidates to the DeLaSalle Board for consideration and these candidates will also be introduced to the wider DeLaSalle community to better inform the selection process.

Unlike other times in our school’s history, we begin this most recent search from a position of strength. We have grown to become the third-largest Catholic or private high school in Minnesota with enrollees from over 125 Twin Cities middle schools and 98 percent of our graduates matriculating to college. We have been committed to diversity and justice for decades, inspired from the beginning by the vision of St. John Baptist de La Salle himself. We pray, worship, and serve. Levels of support from our alumni and friends have never been stronger and our operating budgets are balanced year after year. Yes, we have work to do, but our work today is no more or less vital than any other time over 122 years on Nicollet Island. We are confident that we will find a president who will successfully lead DeLaSalle forward.

Please help us with your input and certainly, please pray for the efforts to find the next president of DeLaSalle. At all times, thank you for your support of this school that we all cherish. Let us entrust this work to our patron – St. John Baptist de la Salle. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Alison Dahlman `03, Chair
DeLaSalle Board of Trustees