by DeLaSalle | | Special Content

January 2022

DeLaSalle’s objective is to continue full in-person learning. Of course, we will continue to evaluate throughout the coming weeks, but we understand the academic and social-emotional benefits of having students and staff together on campus. To continue operating at full capacity and to do so as safely as possible, the following measures will be implemented throughout January.

Reporting COVID symptoms, exposure, or positive test results
Please use THIS FORM to report an instance of COVID (symptoms, exposure, positive test result).  After reading the introductions, click on the NEXT button in the lower left corner to get to the input form.

Symptomatic Individuals
Per school policy since last year, any individual who exhibits symptoms should not attend school or onsite activities. If someone develops symptoms while onsite, they are to report to the Main Office to be evaluated and possibly make arrangements to return home.

Masks will continue to be mandatory until further notice. It is imperative all students wear masks correctly throughout the day, meaning that both the nose and mouth are covered at all times other than while eating lunch.

Students will be spread out to two different spaces for lunches. For the month of January, 9th and 10th grade students will eat in the Florance Center. 11th and 12th grade students will eat in the LL Gray Gym. Students will continue to eat at round tables.

A pause will be placed on all-school assemblies. We will limit any gathering that is necessary to a grade level only.

Activities and Sporting Events
All activity participants will be required to wear masks at all times in indoor settings, including practices and competitions. Spectator attendance will be limited, and masks will be required. We will allow three spectators per participant in the Main Gym, and one spectator per participant in the LL Gray Gym. This applies for DeLaSalle participants as well as for participants from other schools. There will be no concession sales at athletic contests until further notice.

Academic Support While in Quarantine Due to COVID-19
If a student is absent due to quarantine from COVID-19 and would like to observe class, students need to contact their teacher via email to make arrangements before the day they wish to observe. Not every class will be observable, since it is dependent on the lesson and class activity at a particular time. Even though students are observing, they are still considered in a Medically Excused status.

DeLaSalle will continue with random weekly COVID testing. Thank you to those families who have filled out the forms from the email that was sent from the Midwest Coordination Center “MCC.”  If you have not done so already and would like your child to be eligible for testing, please access your MCC account and complete both consent forms.

COVID-19 vaccines are strongly recommended to everyone eligible, and we encourage anyone eligible to seek a third booster dose, as well. The CDC has now approved the booster shot vaccine against COVID-19 for ages 12-17.