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Dear Families and Friends of DeLaSalle,

As we are called to reflection and renewal each year in this Christmas season, we again speak with heart-filled gratitude to one and all. There is something to be said for remembering God’s presence in our lives, especially in this holy Christmas season, for stories of humble and sacred beginnings passed forward for more than 2000 years, and for lives today built upon loving God and our neighbors with our whole hearts — goodness and grace, from and for all people, forever and ever. Amen.

And so we thank you for your support of DeLaSalle and for the remarkable students who call Nicollet Island their home away from home. Every day we are honored to work with these inquisitive, kind, and ambitious young women and men. We are today the third-largest Catholic or private high school in Minnesota, and our students truly represent the breadth of the Twin Cities and our world, coming to De from over 125 area middle schools, from Prior Lake to Andover, Elk River to Cottage Grove, and all points in between.

What a remarkable mission we all share at DeLaSalle. For 122 years, we have remained rooted on Nicollet Island, because it is here in the heart of the city that we best continue our welcoming commitment to kids from every neighborhood. As it has been since our founding in 1900, when this school opened to provide education for European immigrant families moving into Minneapolis, we are a school built upon the belief that ALL kids have true wealth to share in their individual God-given gifts, that who they are is what matters in the end.

Catholic, Lasallian, urban, historic, college preparatory, diverse, challenged, resilient, authentic, human – we are all of these things at DeLaSalle, and we again receive the call to be filled with grace and goodness as we move forward. We thank all of you for moving along the same path.

We thank OUR PARENTS who make remarkable sacrifices on behalf of their children and they have raised them well. We are an extension of the love and lessons offered at the kitchen tables of over 700 homes, and we are grateful beneficiaries.

Hundreds of donors partner with parents to make all of this work. While parent tuition payments make up the majority of our income, the financial support of alumni and friends significantly impacts our entire community for we would not be complete without their kindness and commitment. This year alone, we are supporting 53 percent of our students with reduced tuition precisely because of generous alumni and friends. The total amount of our commitment to students is unsurpassed in Minnesota and is truly a living testimony to the Lasallian principles upon which we have created our legacy on Nicollet Island.

We thank OUR EDUCATORS, teachers and staff who have never been more needed or more nurturing than in the past two years on this island. We continue to graduate young adults who are prepared for college and career but who understand first, as Saint de La Salle himself wrote, “the greatest miracle we can perform is to touch the hearts of our students.” Even with many challenges before them, our educators have kept our priorities at the forefront. They are skilled, strong, resilient, and caring, and we know that their work will endure.

So in this season, as the Class of 2022 receives the many, many acceptance letters from colleges across the country (and they are), and as hundreds of prospective Class of 2026 Islanders tour DeLaSalle and submit application materials (and they are, too), we are exceptionally grateful for all of you. Your support of young women and men who are proud to call themselves Islanders is extraordinary. May the humble message of the manger birth and of this season, of a Savior’s enduring love and mercy for ALL nations, resonate in your hearts and homes throughout the New Year. Be assured that we will continue to be careful stewards of that message, of your support and prayer, and of each child entrusted to our care.

We are rejoicing to be called to this work. We are forevermore grateful that you share in this mission.

Thank You and Merry Christmas from DeLaSalle!