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With two weeks to go in their high school years, DeLaSalle is proud to celebrate ALL of the wonderful (and resilient) graduates in the Class of 2021!   Particularly in this most unique year, we are honored to recognize the outstanding scholarship and friendship in this class.

As part of the annual Founder’s Day program on April 30, and as a kick-off to this month of commencement for students and their families, DeLaSalle announced the seniors who will receive the most prestigious awards earned by our seniors in any year, the “DeLaSalle Awards” and “Islander Awards.”    For more than four decades, approximately ten percent of DeLaSalle seniors are honored by vote of the entire staff.

The “DeLaSalle Awards” and “Islander Awards” recognize stellar and broad contributions to the community and school’s legacy in areas of:

  • Reliable and dependable good character
  • Positive peer leadership
  • Demonstration of school spirit
  • Co-curricular, school and community involvement
  • Good class attendance and punctuality
  • Service to school and community

There were many outstanding candidates in this year’s senior class, but in the end, 18 total seniors had earned the most votes of staff.

The two seniors with the most votes earn the “DeLaSalle Award,” and for 2021, these awards go to Isabella Benjamin and Bolu Ilelaboye.

Sixteen other graduates have earned “Islander Awards” in 2021:  Leila Ambrus, Elijah Blaylark, Sophia Chang, Chelsea Chukwu, Kobi Gregory, Marcus Hunter, Evie Kaznessis, Lourdes Lambert, Amanda Martinez-Port, Joe Mason III, Kathleen Mason, Allicia Moeller, Will Sylvain, Riley Thompson, Megan Wenner, and Shane Zenk.

We congratulate the honorees, the entire senior class, and their families as they prepare for graduation from DeLaSalle.  We will use these upcoming two weeks to share the celebrations of accomplishment and commencement.  Collectively their plans will take them to colleges from one coast to the other.  Islanders will indeed be going everywhere!  We will forevermore keep this class in our prayers as they continue to make their new college communities all the better and befriend and serve all the new people they will meet!