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DeLaSalle students have once again proved their historical research and presentation skills are among the best in state at the Minnesota State History Day competition.  Following a repeat of last year’s adaptations with online judging for all projects, the Minnesota award winners were announced in a virtual ceremony on Facebook Live on May 2.  Over and over, the names of DeLaSalle student historians were announced, as De captured eight of the 45 potential medalist awards across nine different History Day categories as well as five topical prizes for outstanding projects related to a particular topic area.

Two DeLaSalle projects are among the 18 from Minnesota advancing to a virtual National History Day, June 14-20, having finished first or second in one of the categories:

  • The team of Gus Langford `22 and Liam Neary ’22 earned first place in the Group Documentary category for their project, “The Patient Comes First: The Mayo Clinic and Its Unified Medical Record,” with their project also capturing a topical prize for “Minnesota Experience Documentary,” sponsored by TPT.
  • Ava Krocheski-Meyer `22 earned a trip to Nationals by capturing second place in the Individual Documentary category, for “Mni Sota: The U.S. Dakota War of 1862,” also lauded with the topical prize for “American Indian History.”

Six other projects were also recognized as State Top Five medalists, just missing the top two finish in their category which would have qualified them to go to Nationals:

  • John Stuart`22 and Wyatt Gese `22 won third place in Group Exhibits,
  • Frances Ronning `22 captured third place in Individual Performances,
  • Lauren Daher `22 and Reese Hennen `22 placed fourth in Group Exhibits,
  • Sophia Noonan `22 finished in fourth place in Individual Performances,
  • Peter Fisher `22 was fifth in Individual Documentaries, and
  • Lily Burrows `22 captured fifth place in Individual Performances,

In addition to these medalists, 21 other projects earned Honorable Mention in their categories, making a combined 29 DeLaSalle projects earning recognition at State History Day!  Congratulations to all the scholars for a job exceptionally well done!

Finally, in addition to the Topical Prizes earned by Krocheski-Meyer and the team of  Langford and Neary, three other DeLaSalle projects earned Topical Prizes as the best projects in specific areas of research and presentation:  Mira Ho-Chen `22 earned the University of Minnesota Scholarship Award, Eric Mans `22 earned the award for “Educational History,” and Frances Ronning `22 earned the Topical Prize in the “Labor history” area.

The State competition at the University of Minnesota, brought together history scholars from across the state.  From results at the March Metro Regional History Day competition, 66 DeLaSalle students had been chosen by independent judges to advance 42 separate projects to the State level.  The De students joined others advancing from nine separate regional competitions held throughout March and April, students from all corners of Minnesota who presented their projects for a new round of judging at State.

History Day is an annual project in the 11th grade Social Studies curriculum that gives juniors an opportunity to become expert historians by selecting and researching a topic of their choice around a national theme, which this year is “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.” Students demonstrate their work through individual or group exhibits, dramatizations, websites, documentaries, or research papers.

We also salute lead teachers, Martin Marrin and Jeremy Zavitz, and the entirety of the Social Studies department for their work with these scholars. Congratulations to all of the following the students who were recognized at Minnesota State History Day!

  • Patrick Anderson: “The Navajo Code Talkers of World War II” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Kate Ericksen: “Ten Days in the Madhouse” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Laila Hewitt: ““Tear Down Every Closet Door” -Harvey Milk” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Lucia Minnehan: “Dr. Lillehei & Open Heart Surgery” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE

  • John Stuart, Wyatt Gese: “Operation Gunnerside” – THIRD PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE
  • Lauren Daher, Reese Hennen: “Byberry Insane Asylum” – FOURTH PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE
  • Lucy Johnson, Evelyn Anderson: “The Night Witches” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE

  • Peter Fisher: “Marconi, the Titanic, and Early Radio” – FIFTH PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE
  • Eric Mans: “Charles Hamilton Houston and his Social Engineers” – TOPICAL PRIZE WINNER in “EDUCATIONAL HISTORY” and HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Mira Ho-Chen: “Commodification of the Camp Aesthetic” – UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA SCHOLARSHIP AWARD and HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Fiona Mundy: “Scottsboro Trials: Using Mass Communication for Change” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Frankie Grass: “The Violent Government Communications that Birthed the Understanding of the Modern Patriot Movement” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE

  • Gus Langford, Liam Neary: “The Patient Comes First: The Mayo Clinic and Its Unified Medical Record” – FIRST PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE and NATIONAL QUALIFIER, and TOPICAL PRIZE WINNER in “MINNESOTA EXPERIENCE”
  • Ysabel Jelinek, Libby Zimmerman, Jia Griffiths: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg” –HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Jacques LeMay, Nolan McCullough: “The Great Migration of Jazz – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE

  • Patience Akok: “Uncovering Their Endeavors: The Black Panther Party”– HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Maddie Bollig: “Salvador Dali”– HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • David Clancy: “Japanese Cars in 1970s America”– HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Luke Goeddeke: “Sesame Street: Muppets in Education”– HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Kate Harris: “Communication Through Conflict: Women of the IRA Challenging Gender Roles” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Sofia Maruggi: “Fair and Lovely: Colorism and Skin Whitening in India” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Tommy Rudolph: “Dawson’s Field Hijackings” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE

  • Brandon Hoban, Jacob Pirozzolo: “The Enigma Machine with Alan Turing” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE

  • Frances Ronning: “The Lavender Scare- Redbait and Switch” THIRD PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE and TOPICAL PRIZE WINNER in “LABOR HISTORY”
  • Sophia Noonan: “The World She Coded: Jean Jennings Bartik and the Invisible ENIAC Computer Women” — FOURTH PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE
  • Lily Burrows: “Minnie Vautrin/ The Power of the American Flag” — FIFTH PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Eva Allinder: “The True Story of Dracula” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE

  • Maya Pribbenow: “Koko: The Gorilla Who Talked With Her Hands” – HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE


DeLaSalle students are among the best in Minnesota in this competition. More students from DeLaSalle have advanced more projects and papers to the State History Day competition than from any other high school in Minnesota over the past 12 years. In 2020, three DeLaSalle projects qualified for national competition among the 20 separate DeLaSalle projects earning recognition at that time.