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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love is everlasting.


Saint John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for us! 
Live Jesus in our Hearts – Forever


Daily Digest

Students will participate in online learning and there are no formal classes scheduled. Please review these student expectations for online learning days. 

  • 4:30pm: C baseball @ Richfield
  • 4:30pm: JV baseball vs. Richfield @ Quilici Field
  • 4:30pm: Varsity baseball @ Richfield


In the news…

If you did not get a chance to participate in restorative circles during yesterday’s WIN sessions, you have a chance to participate on Friday. Please sign up for the WIN sessions in your Student Support Time (SST) portal.

Restorative circles are one of the ways in which we are processing events in our community. Circles provide participants the opportunity to develop relationships, build communities, and respond to important and sometimes challenging topics that arise. With restorative circles, everyone has an equal opportunity to speak, and to be listened to. Circles usually include between 8-12 participants.

Circles provide opportunities for us to learn more about each other and even express thoughts and feelings on the trial, as well as general observations and feelings about our local community. The circle will likely last 60-80 minutes, possibly taking up both WIN sessions.

There will be virtual sessions for those who are fully online. These sessions will only include students who are online.

The circle guidelines are as follows:

  • Respect the Talking Piece
  • Speak Your Truth with Grace and Respect
  • Listen Without Judgement
  • Stay Engaged and Remain in Circle
  • Honor Confidentiality
  • Demonstrate Empathy
  • Say “Pass” if you do not wish to speak

In a restorative circle participants bring a talking piece – something that will bring constructive conversation to the circle. It can be any small item of significance to the participant.  The “agenda” of the circle typically follows this pattern:

  • Talking Piece
  • Simple Meditation or Mindful Exercise
  • Reflection
  • Review of Circle Guidelines
  • Check in Prompt – Sharing an answer on a Prompt Question – this portion will likely involve at least two questions
  • Check Out Prompt – Typically an answer that is only one word.

Twelfth grade students will participate in their final class retreat at DeLaSalle today from 10:00am-3:00pm. This is a required event and will give seniors the opportunity to spend the day together in fellowship, reflection, and celebration of the relationships and memories they have made at DeLaSalle over the last four years. 

Retreats are scheduled Wednesday, April 21 for 9th grade students and on Wednesday, May 5 for 10th grade students. Ninth grade students should check their Islander Apps email for a message to register for transportation if they need it to their retreat and to select what they want for lunch that day. Please contact Nicole Stecklein in Lasallian MInistry with questions about retreats.

DeLaSalle has partnered with counselors from Twin Cities Catholic high schools to develop a week of college planning programming for families. Learn from and connect with college representatives on a variety of topics, including two-year community and technical colleges, public and private universities, and highly selective schools. These virtual events replace the typical college fair week that would occur in the spring, which is not happening because of the coronavirus pandemic. The events are free, but space is limited, so register now!

ALAS is meeting today and Friday during the first WIN session to discuss the college process. The info session will be led by senior Latinx students who have gone through this process and have gathered information that could be helpful for anyone about to start this journey. The ALAS board members are really excited to inform De students about college, so do not hesitate to join us this week. We encourage all students of all backgrounds to come and learn from their fellow peers!

The Inklings book club will be moving on to the second book, Children of Virtue and Vengeance, in Tomi Adeyemi’s fantastic trilogy. Our first meeting on the second book will be Friday, April 16 from 3:10-4:00pm. Our book club is both in-person and online. We have room for a few new members, so if you would like to join us, please email Mrs. Wojda or talk to Mrs. Arens, Mr. Newman or Mrs. Wojda. We will get you a book and bring you up to speed on the first book. Join us!

DeLaSalle students and families can find helpful college planning resources online in the Guidance page in Canvas. Access this information by logging into Canvas, clicking on the Islanders course, selecting the Guidance tab, and choosing “College Planning.” You will find videos about test preparation, test interpretation, and more. You can also find college planning tasks for each grade. This is a dynamic page so check back often to find new resources!

DeLaSalle families may order a supply of healthy breakfast and lunches for the days when their student is not on campus because they are participating via distance learning.

  • Students participating in hybrid learning may order a meal kit that contains three breakfasts and three lunches each. Families may use this form to order the meal kits. Orders must be placed by noon on the first day the student attends in-person instruction (Monday or Thursday) and picked up outside the kitchen at the end of the school day on the last day they attend (Tuesday or Friday).
  • Students participating in full distance learning may also order a meal kit that contains five breakfasts and five lunches each. Orders should be placed by noon on Thursday for pickup at 3:00pm on Friday. Families may use this form to place the order.

The meals are provided at no cost to families through an extension of the federal Summer Food Service Program.