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This is a good time in DeLaSalle’s history, and we are glad that you are a part of our growing community.  The vast majority of our students are thriving at De, as evidence by high levels of academic success, participation in activities, commitment to service programs, and college placement.  Interest remains strong for next year.  Over 300 eighth graders and their families — and many prospective  transfer families too — have initiated contact with DeLaSalle admissions office in the past six months.  DeLaSalle remains committed to a Catholic, college-preparatory education, and our goal is for all students to find success.

Continuous Enrollment for 2021-22

Four years ago, DeLaSalle’s Board of Trustees communicated the decision to move to a continuous enrollment model.  Many other schools are now doing this.  Continuous Enrollment streamlines the re-enrollment process and eliminates the need for sending a repetitive re-registration form and a new tuition agreement to families each year.

With almost all students re-enrolling at DeLaSalle year over year, the process of completing multiple forms ends up being unnecessary.  Students will be able to make course request selections as early as February 12, without waiting for parents to complete and return forms to the school.  Those few families that may be considering withdrawing their child for 2021-22 are encouraged to contact Executive Director for Enrollment, Mike O’Keefe, at 612-676-7679.  Mike manages the process, but quite often, individual concerns for a particular student or family are addressed with enough advance notice.

Unless you have a new student attending DeLaSalle next year, you will receive your student’s tuition agreement for 2021-22 via the same account information currently set up in TADS. Families should contact Ron Rice at 612-676-7601 to change any banking or credit card account information, or to change the number of payments. Families with a new student will receive a new tuition agreement, to include all students in the family.

Key Dates

  • January 21: The Board of Trustees approved the 2021-22 tuition, salary and benefit scale, and framework of next year’s budget. Returning families received this information in the January 22 weekly email blast. Families should know that the school’s operating budget remains stable, thanks in large part to our partnership with parents who make tuition payments on time and as contracted.  We all benefit from these partnerships.  We work with an accurate and dependable budget, one that is on target to be balanced once again at the end of the fiscal year.
  • February 10: Students in grades 9-10-11 will receive an email with a course request worksheet that can help them plan which required and elective courses they may take in 2021-22. On this day, students will also meet with their academic mentors to review options.
  • Course registration will be online and will open to students and families on the afternoon of February 12. Students and families may consult the Curriculum Guide for specific course descriptions and prerequisites. Course requests are due no later than Friday, February 26. Shari Gallagher, school registrar, manages student course selection and registration.  Shari can be reached at 612-676-7675. Course requests are due no later than Friday, February 26.
  • February 26: The TADS financial aid application for 2021-22 is due by this date.
  • By February 25: The 2021-22 non-refundable registration deposit of $350 per student will be added to your TADS tuition accounts for March billing.  Monthly payers will have this deposit added on your normal tuition payment date.  For families who have paid tuition in one or two installments, we will add an additional invoice to their agreement and TADS will process the registration deposit from their account. Ron Rice manages family tuition accounts at DeLaSalle. He can be reached at 612-676-7601.
  • April 1-15: Once TADS has completed their auditing procedures, DeLaSalle will be communicating 2020-21 financial aid and individualized tuition arrangements for each returning family.
  • May: Tuition payments begin for 2021-22, with options for 12 monthly payments or in one or two installments.


  • Students or families with questions about course selection may contact a student’s academic mentor or a teacher within the academic department. Find our online staff directory here.
  • If you have a question about tuition or financial aid, please contact Ron Rice at 612-676-7601.
  • If you have a question about enrollment, please contact Mike O’Keefe at 612-676-7679.