by DeLaSalle | | Headlines

For the fifth year in a row, DeLaSalle held its own Day of Giving on November 11. The Islander community again rallied to support the school, raising $159,571, meeting all of the day’s challenges and exceeding the single-day fundraising goal.  

Some highlights of the day:

  • We far surpassed our goal of 250 donors, which unlocked the $20,000 challenge from the Board of Trustees.
  • Over 100 current and past parents participated in the day, which earned us an extra $10,000 from the parent challenge.
  • Young alumni pitched in with $1,365 which actually brought in $2,730 for the school, because of a dollar for dollar matching grant!
  • We celebrated Veterans Day with a special post and heard from dozens of veterans in our community who were pleased to be honored.
  • Donations poured in from all across the nation and from several other countries. Islanders are everywhere!
  • And in a tight competition, the Class of 1961 won our Alumni Challenge with a teeny, tiny margin over the Class of 1967.

Monies raised from the Day of Giving and October 10th’s record-breaking Christian Brothers’ Gala help the school meet its fundraising goals for fiscal year 2020-21, balance the operating budget, and fund the $3.25 million allocated in financial aid grants and merit scholarships for this school year.  And the great news is that, outside of these one-time events, we continue to receive support from donors who are making annual or recurring monthly gifts to De.  

If you did not have the chance to participate in the Christian Brothers’ Gala or the Day of Giving, we would love for you to join the momentum and help DeLaSalle. Our students and our community are grateful for your support.