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Collaboratively and informed with considerable and weekly input from students, parents, teachers, staff, and trustees throughout the fall, DeLaSalle made the decision on November 12 to temporarily shift from its Hybrid Learning design to Synchronous  Distance Learning from November 23 through January 8.  This decision was communicated to staff on November 13th and to families on the 15th.  

We will continue to teach and learn in real time.  We will continue to prepare students for their next semester and what they must know.  We look forward to a return to hybrid learning as soon as possible, as early as January 11th in this plan.  We move ahead with continued care for each other in this unprecedented year.  To be clear, and also to be thankful, we have not had any cases of on-campus transmission of COVID-19 at DeLaSalle this fall, but outside of De, the impact of the pandemic and, particularly, levels of quarantine are rising every day and impacting our families, staff, programming and routines.

Subsequent to our decision and announcement, we received more valuable feedback from our parents and students via a Family Listening Session on November 17 (the latest in a series of such sessions throughout the summer and fall at DeLaSalle).  We also reviewed the results of a student survey regarding their learning preferences, and we have received many suggestions via individual emails and conversations.  Thank you for the significant support you have offered to each other in this community, to our students, and to our shared mission.  

As we’ve always known, this is a remarkable community at DeLaSalle, blessed with wisdom, resolve, care,and purpose across multiple lived experiences.  We also are well aware of the calling throughout Minnesota and the Twin Cities to work together for the Common Good and in our prayer and Faith, to be people for others, even in the face of this pandemic. Together we can.

Our Building Remains Open for Guests and Staff

Unlike what happened when we made the move toward distance learning in March, our campus will remain open for guests (such as prospective families who wish to tour), teachers and staff, contractors who will continue the upgrade of our HVAC and other systems, and more.  All guests will continue to follow the health protocols of check-in, required face coverings, and physical distancing that have been in place all fall without transmission.  

Resources for Students In Need

We recognize that full distance learning can create challenges for some students, both academically and socially.  Students needing social-emotional support are encouraged to seek help through our Guidance counselors. You can find resources on the Guidance page in Canvas. Students and families working with our Learning Support staff will continue that work virtually. Our Guidance and College Planning office will continue to support students with their college applications and academic planning.    

Teachers will also be available for office hours after school and will communicate these times on their Canvas course page. We encourage students to use the office hours to meet with their teachers for one-on-one check-ins.

We have also developed a plan to further support students who need additional academic intervention by inviting them to learn on campus during the distance learning model, a limited number of students who will participate in an adaptive learning environment and receive more support in advance of first semester finals. 

School Breakfast and Lunch Continue

DeLaSalle will continue to provide school breakfast and lunch for students and staff in coming weeks.  Please review this letter about how you may order a distance learning meal kit for your child. Because of an extension of funding in the federal Summer Food Service Program, these meals are provided at no charge to all students. Families may order here beginning November 23. 


St. John Baptist de La Salle … Pray for Us!

Live Jesus in our hearts … Forever!