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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

May your health improve.
May your friends be blessed.
May your family be loved.
May your finances multiply.
May your pains be less.
May your worries disappear.
May you be blessed.


Saint John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for us! 
Live Jesus in our Hearts – Forever

Daily Digest

Today is the second day of the Gold Cohort.

  • Period 5: 8:30-9:50
  • Period 6/WIN: 10:00-11:20
  • Period 7: 11:30-1:30
  • Period 8: 1:40-3:00



Which lunch wave am I in?

  • 3:30pm: 9 volleyball @ Visitation
  • 4:30pm: C volleyball @ Visitation
  • 4:30pm: JV volleyball @ Visitation
  • 6:00pm: Varsity volleyball @ Visitation

Students will participate in online learning and there are no formal classes scheduled. Please review these student expectations for online learning days. 


In the news…

Today, at the beginning of each lunch wave in the LL Gray Gym, we will recognize Gold Cohort students for their academic achievement. Students will receive an academic pin if they earned a place on the Honor Roll during both semesters of the 2019-20 school year, and an academic letter if they have earned a place on the Honor Roll for four semesters. We will recognize Silver Cohort students during lunch waves on Friday. Blue Cohort students will receive their recognition in the mail. Typically, we would honor these students during our Academic Awards ceremony which is held in the fall, but we are unable to host an on-campus ceremony this fall due to the pandemic. Congratulations to those students who have earned recognition for their hard work!

Fuel your body/ Fuel your mind! Come and grab breakfast now being served in the school atrium! We are now serving our famous Egg/sausage/cheese sandwich on Tuesdays! You can pick up your breakfast on your way to the classroom! Please have your student ID ready to keep our line moving smoothly.

Are you interested in theatre? DeLaSalle Theatre is holding auditions this week for its upcoming shows – a virtual performance of “A Christmas Story” as well as a podcast play and the MSHSL Competition One Act, both of which are to be determined. All students are welcome – from first time performers to stage veterans.

Auditions are in person on Tuesday for Gold Cohort students and on Thursday for Silver Cohort students. Blue Cohort students can audition either day or by appointment. Auditions are at 3:30pm – meet at the stage door across from D117. No need to prepare an advance, we’ll provide audition sides via QR code at auditions.

Tech sign-ups will be those days as well, same times. There will be heavy emphasis on sound and video recording interest for these performances. Email Mr. Buffington with questions.

Come join the first meeting for ALAS, a new DeLaSalle club, on Wednesday. We will meet virtually here. ALAS stands for association of Latinx and Ally students. The objective of this club is to integrate the Latinx culture into the DeLaSalle community and to create a safe space for Latinx and ally students. This is an opportunity for people to discuss a variety of topics within the Latinx identity or to expand their knowledge about the Latinx experience. We encourage students from all backgrounds at DeLaSalle to join!

It’s that time….. time to start planning the 12 days of Christmas!! Due to the many changes this year, we are asking all seniors to work together to plan out the 12 days skit. This year’s Christmas program will be pre-recorded so we have the option to show it virtually.  Submit your ideas here! Please contact Ms. Stecklein with questions or to get involved.

Black.Liberated.Knowledgeable will host a prayer march for equity on Wednesday, November 25, the six month anniversary of the death of George Floyd. The march will celebrate not only his life, but all the Black Lives that have been wrongfully, viciously, and unjustly taken away by what we are supposed to call our protectors, known as our local Law Enforcement. Our message is to remind the world that we are still FIGHTING in this battle FOR EQUITY. This is a non-violent protest, so please join us as we March for Equity.

Please RSVP here if you would like to be a chaperone at the event and so we can keep track of who is attending the debrief that follows. You can purchase BLK apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and face masks here.

Winter sports are just around the corner! Register today in order to get all the information you need for the upcoming season(s). Click here for more information.

DeLaSalle families may order a supply of healthy breakfast and lunches for the days when their student is not on campus because they are participating via distance learning.

  • Students participating in hybrid learning may order a meal kit that contains three breakfasts and three lunches each. Families may use this form to order the meal kits. Orders must be placed by noon on the first day the student attends in-person instruction (Monday or Thursday) and picked up outside the kitchen at the end of the school day on the last day they attend (Tuesday or Friday).
  • Students participating in full distance learning may also order a meal kit that contains five breakfasts and five lunches each. Orders should be placed by noon on Thursday for pickup at 3:00pm on Friday. Families may use this form to place the order.