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Looking Ahead at DeLaSalle

Friday, September 4, 2020

In this issue…
  • Thank You for Helping Us Launch Hybrid Learning; A Look at Next Week’s Schedule
  • Monitor Your Child’s Progress as a Canvas Observer
  • DeLaSalle Adjusts Transportation Routes
  • Reminder about Student Dropoff, Pickup Procedures
  • School Store Announces School Year Hours
  • On Campus Breakfast and Lunch Service
  • A Helpful Resource for Students and Parents: Routine = Predictability
  • DeLaSalle Hosts ACT Exam October 6 for Seniors
  • DeLaSalle Livestreams Home Games on Athletic Field, in Main Gym
  • Fall Training Seasons Approved for Football and Volleyball
  • Sign Up for Student Clubs and Organizations
Thank You for Helping Us Launch Hybrid Learning; A Look at Next Week’s Schedule

Thank you for your partnership with DeLaSalle as we began the 2020-21 school year in a hybrid model of instruction. Parents and students alike have been dedicated and adaptable as we settle into our adjusted routine of simultaneously learning on campus and from home. We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we have resolved a few technical and logistical issues. We are always available to respond to your questions.

There is no school on Monday, September 7, because of the Labor Day holiday. The shortened holiday week means that the Gold Cohort will attend classes on campus on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the Silver Cohort will attend classes on campus on Thursday and Friday. We will resume a regular schedule the week of September 14, in which all students will again learn from home on Wednesday, September 16.

As a reminder, students who are learning from home and have a study hall period still need to check in with their teacher for attendance each time the study hall meets.

Monitor Your Child’s Progress as a Canvas Observer

You can track your child’s academic progress at your convenience as a Canvas observer. Canvas is the learning management system used by students and faculty to complete coursework. As an observer, you can see your child’s grade in each class, how your child performs on homework, quizzes, tests, papers, and other class projects, and a course calendar. Click here to create a Canvas account and learn more.

DeLaSalle Adjusts Transportation Routes

Thank you to those families who have chosen school bus transportation for your child. We appreciate your patience in the first week of school as we launched transportation service. Northstar Bus Lines, our new transportation provider, has been responsive in safely transporting students to and from school, practices, and events.

As we look forward to the second week of classes, we are trying to accommodate as many families as possible. DeLaSalle is making route changes for those students who are recent enrollees and for those families who had not previously requested transportation. These changes will only impact pickup times for two morning transportation routes and we will send a separate email to those families with updated location and pickup times.

We are also adjusting routes to remove those students who are driving themselves to school or who have recently chosen full distance learning. We will email all families on Friday, September 11, with possible new pickup times for their students.

Reminder About Student Dropoff, Pickup Procedures

Thank you for partnering with us to provide a safe environment for students, staff, and community members, who travel in, near, and around DeLaSalle. We ask you to note and follow these morning drop-off and afternoon pickup protocols.

Multiple school buses and vans arrive at DeLaSalle each morning; these vehicles have the right-of-way on the drive in front of DeLaSalle. Parents/guardians arriving at school with their children should follow our one-way traffic pattern and drop off on the curbside closest to school and NOT use the visitor parking spaces. Following drop-off, vehicles should exit via West Island Avenue and NOT travel back through the school parking lot.

In the afternoon, buses are the only vehicles allowed to pick up students on the drive in front of the school. Parents picking up their child should use the temporary 15-minute loading zones on the curb closest to the school along West Island Avenue. Please be courteous to our Island neighbors and others who use the Island by pulling as close to the curb as possible to let other vehicles pass.

School Store Announces School Year Hours

Students or parents may purchase or exchange school uniform or spirit apparel at the DeLaSalle School Store. The store, which is located on the first floor lobby of the A building, will be open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00pm during the school year. As a reminder, anyone visiting the School Store must wear a face covering and practice physical distancing as much as possible.

On Campus Breakfast and Lunch Service

Students who participate in hybrid learning on campus may purchase breakfast and lunch each day. Breakfast is sold from a mobile cart located behind the Florance Center stage (in the hallway across from the Albers Atrium entrance). Lunch will be sold from a mobile cart near your child’s 3rd or 7th period class (on the first and second floors of the A building, and also on the second floor of the B building). Lunch will occur during three different waves between 11:30am-1:30pm. Your child’s lunch time depends upon his or her schedule. You can find the lunch wave schedule in our Hybrid Model class schedule here.

Students who wish to purchase lunch are reminded to complete this form at the beginning of their first class period of the day so we can get an accurate count of how many lunches to serve. A student lunch costs $3.25 and includes a pre-packaged main entree, fruit or vegetable, and milk. You may find the lunch menu each day in The Source, our daily announcements always posted on our website. A student’s LunchTime account will be charged according to their eligibility (paid, reduced, or free).

Parents are reminded that a student must have sufficient funds in their LunchTime account in order to purchase food from the DeLaSalle Cafe. Families may deposit money electronically into their child’s LunchTime account (click here for instructions on how to create and manage your LunchTime account). DeLaSalle this year will not accept cash or check payments at the school to prevent the handling of currency. Please contact with questions.

Students who do not wish to purchase a lunch may bring their own cold lunch from home. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, microwaves are not currently available and we suggest packing the lunch in a lunch bag with an icepack to keep the food cold.

A Helpful Resource for Students and Parents: Routine = Predictability

One of the most important things that parents and caretakers can do during the transition we are in is to assist your child with creating a routine. Everyone will thrive better. Routine=Predictability. Routine will protect your child’s emotional and psychological well being and give all household members a sense of calm and control.

Keep it simple. Here are some ideas for starters. Agree on a regular wake up time, class time, lunch time, and bedtime. Make sure your child is up early enough to get a healthy breakfast and a shower in the morning. This will allow them to be more prepared and ready for online classes.

Use this chart, fill it in (there is even room for a breakfast plan and other goals for the week such as walking the dog, folding laundry, etc…) and post it somewhere where you and your child can see it. This is a visual reminder for everyone in the house of expectations. A simple, but effective way to help everyone make the transition.

Here are some additional resources for parents and children to cope with elevated stress and anxiety:

DeLaSalle Hosts ACT Exam October 6 for Seniors

Many ACT test sites have been closed due to the global pandemic and we know that our seniors have been struggling to find a place to test. Fortunately, DeLaSalle can host a school-based ACT for our current seniors. Because this is a school-based test, students will sign up and pay for their test through DeLaSalle. Please note that this test date/event WILL NOT appear on the national ACT Registration website and the only way to sign up and pay for the test is through DeLaSalle. Please watch the video message for more information; it may answer some questions you have been thinking about.

Please click on the REGISTRATION LINK HERE to fill out the registration form and see more details.

  • When: Tuesday, October 6
  • Time: Arrive by 8:15am. The test starts promptly at 8:30am. (Students who arrive late may not be able to test.) The test will conclude at approximately 1:00 pm.
  • Where: DeLaSalle High School (room assignments to be determined)
  • What to bring: Three (3) sharpened #2 pencils with erasers. Students may also bring water and a snack.
  • Payment: Please make checks payable to DeLaSalle High School. Payment details will be emailed to students and parents/caretakers who opt in to this test.

 TWO FREE REVIEW SESSIONS OFFERED: ACT Ready is offering two free review sessions so that students can prepare for this test, see more details in the registration form.

  • Saturday, September 26
  • Saturday, October 3
DeLaSalle Livestreams Home Games on Athletic Field, in Main Gym

Can’t attend a game in person? Watch a livestream online! DeLaSalle Student Activities has partnered with the NFHS Network to offer a livestream of all home events that occur on the Athletic Field and in the Main Gym. You can purchase a subscription for $10.99 per month or $69.99 per year to watch the livestream of home events and of any away games at schools that also use the NFHS Network for live streaming. Click here to see which home and away games will be live streamed via the NFHS Network. We are using an alternate live stream method while we finalize the installation of the Pixellot technology that makes the NFHS live stream possible. Follow the Student Activities Instagram account to see how games will be live streamed

Fall Training Seasons Approved for Football and Volleyball

Football and volleyball may begin a Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) fall training season on September 14. Each program will be allowed to host a maximum of 12 practices between September 14-October 3. All students who choose to participate in the training season must complete the following three registration steps (your registration for the Fall Training Season will carry over to the Spring Competition Season):

  1. Read, sign, and return the 2020-2021 MSHSL Eligibility Brochure as part of your Back-to-School forms.
  2. Confirm that you have a valid sports physical on file in the Activities Office.
  3. Complete and submit the football registration form or volleyball registration form.

Student-athletes and families must also read and review the Approved Fall Training Sessions Directives prior to participating in Fall Training Sessions.

To see when and where the trainings will be held, please click here.

Sign Up for Student Clubs and Organizations

There’s something for everyone at DeLaSalle, and our students do get involved!  Hundreds of DeLaSalle students participate each year in fine arts programs, academic clubs, and other organizations through our robust Student Activities program. Some groups compete and others do not.  Some are seasonal and others meet throughout the year.  These co-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to connect with their classmates, enrich their skills, and pursue topics that interest them. We encourage students to explore the many activities we offer here. And we invite students to register here to participate in a club or organization. 

Around DeLaSalle

Elijah Blaylark ‘21 (left) and Leila Ambrus ‘21 (second from right) pose for a picture with Pat ‘53 and Sandy Baldwin and DeLaSalle President Dr. Bryan E. Bass on August 28 following the dedication ceremony for the Baldwin Family Prayer Grotto. The grotto, located in a courtyard between the B building and Christian Brothers Hall, provides a space for quiet prayer and reflection. Ambrus and Blaylark joined two other students as models for a large bronze statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that is the centerpiece of the prayer grotto. DeLaSalle held a Mass and grotto blessing to celebrate the project with all who made it possible. Watch this video to learn more. (Photo courtesy: Andy Clayton-King)
“My eyes have seen your salvation” Luke 2:30
2020-21 Scripture Theme
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