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Looking Ahead at DeLaSalle

Friday, August 28, 2020

In this issue…
  • First Day of Classes Monday, August 31
  • On Campus Breakfast and Lunch Service
  • Families May Order Distance Learning Meal Kits
  • Please Follow One-Way Traffic Pattern in Front of School
  • Nicollet Island Pavilion Overflow Parking Lot Permits Available
  • 2020-21 School Pictures
  • Class of 2021 Must Get Senior Pictures from David Bank Studios
  • Protocols Limit Number of Spectators at Athletic Competitions
First Day of Classes Monday, August 31

We are excited to welcome students to the first day of classes on Monday, August 31. Classes will begin at 8:30am and conclude at 3:00pm. School bus transportation will begin on Monday and we encourage students to be at their stop at least five minutes before their scheduled pick-up time. Students reporting to in-person instruction at the school should be dressed in full school uniform with their iPad fully charged. Students learning remotely from home must wear a uniform top and be logged into their class by the start of the class period. DeLaSalle will email students their class schedules Saturday, August 29 at 12:00pm. As a reminder, students should monitor their health and not report to school if they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms or a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Please find more important information on our Back-to-School webpage portal.

On Campus Breakfast and Lunch Service

Students who participate in hybrid learning on campus may purchase breakfast and lunch each day. Breakfast will be sold from a mobile cart located behind the Florance Center stage (in the hallway across from the Albers Atrium entrance). Lunch will be sold from a mobile cart near your child’s 3rd or 7th period class (on the first and second floors of the A building, on the second floor of the B building, and in Albers Atrium for students with classes in the D building). Lunch will occur during three different waves between 11:30am-1:30pm – when your child eats depends upon which class they are in and you can find the lunch wave schedule in our Hybrid Model class schedule here.

Students who wish to purchase lunch should complete this form at the beginning of their first class period of the day so we can get an accurate count of how many lunches to serve. A student lunch costs $3.25 and includes a pre-packaged main entree, fruit or vegetable, and milk. You may find the lunch menu each day in The Source. A student’s LunchTime account will be charged according to their eligibility (paid, reduced, or free).

A reminder that a student must have sufficient funds in their LunchTime account in order to purchase food from the DeLaSalle Cafe. Families may deposit money electronically into their child’s LunchTime account (click here for instructions on how to create and manage your LunchTime account). DeLaSalle this year will not accept cash or check payments at the school to prevent the handling of currency. Please contact with questions.

Students who do not wish to purchase a lunch may bring their own cold lunch from home. Microwaves will not be available and we suggest packing the lunch in a lunch bag with an icepack to keep the food cold.

Families May Order Distance Learning Meal Kits

DeLaSalle families may order a supply of healthy breakfast and lunches for the days when their student is not on campus because they are participating via distance learning.

  • Students participating in hybrid learning may purchase a meal kit that contains three breakfasts and three lunches each for the three days during which they will participate via distance learning. Families may use this form to order the meal kits. Orders must be placed by noon on the first day the student attends in-person instruction (Monday or Thursday) and picked up outside the kitchen at the end of the school day on the last day they attend (Tuesday or Friday).
  • Students participating in full distance learning may also purchase a meal kit that contains five breakfasts and five lunches each. Orders should be placed by noon on Thursday for pickup at 3:00pm on Friday. Families may use this form to place the order.
Please Follow One-Way Traffic Pattern In Front of School


Thank you for partnering with us to provide a safe environment for students, staff, and community members, who travel in, near, and around DeLaSalle. We ask you to note and follow these morning drop-off and afternoon pickup protocols.

Multiple school buses and vans arrive at DeLaSalle each morning; these vehicles have the right-of-way on the drive in front of DeLaSalle. Parents/guardians arriving at school with their children should follow our one-way traffic pattern and drop off on the curbside closest to school and NOT use the visitor parking spaces. Following drop-off, vehicles should exit via West Island Avenue and NOT travel back through the school parking lot.

In the afternoon, buses are the only vehicles allowed to pick up students on the drive in front of the school. The City of Minneapolis has installed “15-minute loading zone” street signs on West Island Avenue that will allow parents/guardians to temporarily wait along the curb closest to the school to pick up their children. Please be courteous to our Island neighbors and others who use the Island by pulling as close to the curb as possible to let other vehicles pass.

Nicollet Island Pavilion Overflow Parking Lot Permits Available

All student parking permits for the DeLaSalle parking lot are sold out. DeLaSalle has 40 parking permits available for sale that will enable students to park in the Nicollet Island Pavilion overflow parking lot south of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. These permits, which are sold in partnership with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, cost $280 for the year. Students who wish to purchase one of these permits should complete this form. Students will receive a link to pay for the permit after successfully completing the form.

2020-21 School Pictures

Ninth grade and new transfer students who attended New Student Orientation on August 27 had their school picture taken by Lifetouch for their student identification card. A makeup date will be scheduled this fall for those students unable to attend the orientation and for students who participate in full distance learning. Ninth grade and new transfer students may purchase school pictures here

A date has not yet been scheduled for school photos for returning students.

Class of 2021 Must Get Senior Pictures from David Bank Studios

Seniors who wish to have their photo included in the school yearbook and in the class composite picture that hangs in the hallway must get a senior picture taken by David Bank Studios before Friday, October 23. A David Bank photographer will come to DeLaSalle this fall to take pictures for free, although the date has not been scheduled. The photographer will take two to three different poses and you will have the option to select which of those poses you would like in the yearbook. You may also schedule a photo session at the studio; sessions start at $35. Families who choose to have pictures at the studio can select which photo to be included in the yearbook. 

Protocols Limit Number of Spectators at Athletic Competitions

The Tri-Metro Conference, which includes DeLaSalle, has announced new protocols for attendance at fall sports games and competitions. Activities directors within the conference developed the protocols with the health and safety of student athletes and their families as the primary focus. All spectators must wear a face covering and practice physical distancing. Attendance at competitions is limited to a select number of participants. Read the specific protocols here.

“My eyes have seen your salvation” Luke 2:30
2020-21 Scripture Theme
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