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Back-to-School 2020

Bless us as we start this new year
with our friends and teachers
Help us to make the most of every chance we have to start afresh.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for us! 
Live Jesus in our Hearts – Forever


In the news…

The first day of classes for all students is Monday, August 31. Classes begin at 8:30am. Please note these reminders:

  • School bus service will begin on the first day of school for those students who will report to campus for in-person hybrid instruction.
  • Students must be in school uniform.
  • Remember to bring your iPad, charged and ready to go! Each teacher will share course expectations with students and distribute course materials.

DeLaSalle encourages all students to have these supplies when they begin classes on Monday, August 31.

  • Notebooks
  • Pens and pencils
  • Folders
  • Backpack

School Supply Reminders

Students in Algebra 1 and Geometry should have a scientific calculator. Students in Algebra 2, Precalculus, Statistics, and all Calculus classes should have a Texas Instruments graphing calculator. Note: Casio and TI-Inspire graphing calculators are not recommended.

Each teacher and course may have specific requests for school supplies. Students will hear about this on the first day of classes.

For the 2020-21 school year, DeLaSalle students may carry books and school materials with them in a backpack that they may bring from class to class.

Students registered for some honors or Advanced Placement courses in 2020-21 are required to complete coursework before the new school year begins on Monday, August 31. The following courses require some type of summer work. Click the course to see the assigned activity.

AP BiologyAssignment
AP Calculus ABAssignment
Chapter 1
AP Calculus BCAssignment
AP ChemistryAssignment
Honors English 9Assignment
Honors English 10Assignment
AP English 11
Language & Composition
AP English 12
Literature & Composition
AP GovernmentAssignment
AP U.S. HistoryChapter 1 and assignment
Chapter 2 and assignment
Chapter 3 and assignment
Chapter 4 and assignment

Visitors to the school campus must observe the following health protocols:

  • Wear a face mask
    As required by the Minnesota Governor’s Executive Order, DeLaSalle requires that everyone in the building wear a face covering. If you are unable to wear a face covering, reasonable accommodations will be made.
  • Check your temperature when you arrive
    All visitors must complete a temperature check as soon as they arrive on campus. Please follow the instructions posted at the school entrance for how to check and record your temperature. Students, employees, or visitors with a temperature higher than 100.4 may not remain on campus and should leave the premises.
  • Maintain physical distance
    Maintain a minimum of 6ft between yourself and others as much as feasible. Some bathroom stalls or urinals have been marked off to provide for proper physical distancing.
  • Follow posted signage and directions
    Please observe the directional traffic signs in school hallways and classrooms.
  • Wash your hands
    Always wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating. Regularly sanitize your hands when coming into contact with high-touch areas or shared items.