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With immense gratitude, all of us at DeLaSalle appreciate your support of so many families in our current school community. From the moment that we shifted to online synchronous learning on March 18, we were also aware that COVID-19 and the statewide ‘stay at home’ precautions were creating unexpected financial hardships for many.

  • Over 130 current families have experienced a furlough, loss of job, or business closure and, in turn, have been in need of tuition assistance in order to stay connected to the DeLaSalle community. You responded.
  • Over 100 families have been in need of ongoing food deliveries throughout the spring. You responded.
  • Over 30 families were in need of additional technology assistance in their homes, so that their daughter or son could stay fully engaged in DeLaSalle’s delivery of online school. You responded.
  • Several families experienced loss that needed a pastoral and personal response: loss of a family member, colleague, or close friend; the stress of being a frontline healthcare worker; even a few cases of personal illness, and more. You responded.

We are so thankful for your response. To date, over $200,000 has been donated specifically to the COVID-19 response fund in order to meet the emerging needs of families in our community. DeLaSalle also moved quickly and shifted funds from other budgets to help families at this moment of individual family stress for so many. We are addressing emerging needs every week, and we also want to acknowledge your exceptional care for students and parents you may never know. Several have asked in recent weeks if they can still help our families and yes, you can:

Together, we are keeping our community whole. Together, we helped seniors graduate. Over 95 percent of families who were enrolled in March for 2020-21 remain enrolled for fall and have started making tuition payments for next year. 

Together, we are fulfilling our mission. We sustain the remarkable 120-year commitment of DeLaSalle to educate children from all socio-economic circumstances and prepare them for continued education and adult lives of service, faith, and leadership. 

Our school has been unwavering in its support of this mission — aligned with Catholic social teaching and Lasallian core values — through the Great Depression, two world wars, the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, economic depressions, recessions, times of great unemployment, the polio epidemic, and so much more. We know that together we will come through these times as well, all the better prepared for needs that we will surely meet in years to come.

We thank you.