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June 2020

Today I join the Church in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and in the entire United States, in praying for the repose of the soul of George Floyd and of all those others who have lost their lives as a result of the sin of racism. Let us pray for the consolation of their grieving families and friends and let us implore the national reconciliation and peace for which we yearn. May Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of America, intercedes for all those who work for peace and justice in your land and throughout the world.
-Prayer of Pope Francis

Saint John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for us! 
Live Jesus in our Hearts – Forever


In the news…

During the week of June 8, we look forward to seeing all students in grades 9, 10, and 11, as they return school materials and collect their locker belongings. DeLaSalle has scheduled a specific window of time for each student to exchange their materials. Students should be prepared to return any textbooks, athletic uniforms, or other school materials they have in their possession. The schedule below is organized according to the first letter of a student’s last name.

TimeJune 8

9th Grade

June 9

9th-10th Grade

June 10


June 11

10th-11th Grade

June 12

11th Grade

12:00-1:00pmStaff BreakStaff BreakStaff BreakStaff Break
1:00-2:00pmHi-KA-B (10th gr.)A-B (11th gr.)S

We continue to follow public health recommendations for social distancing as we continue to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you to our students and families for following these specific protocols during the exchange of materials:

  • Do not come to the school if you are ill. Please communicate to the Deans Office that you are unable to pick up your items. We will hold them for you at school. 
  • Please do not visit the school outside of the time you are given. 
  • We ask our families to respect this time window and to stay outside of the building. 
  • If you are able to, please create a sign with your last name in large block letters so we can identify you from your vehicle, which will help expedite the process.

DeLaSalle has taken steps to ensure proper social and physical distancing to protect the safety of students and staff. These steps include:

  • Requiring students and staff to wear personal protective equipment at all times during the exchange
  • Limiting the number of students/families allowed to pick up throughout the day
  • Assigning staff to monitor social and physical distancing
  • Posting distancing markers and adding signage to remind students of the guidelines
  • Extensively deep cleaning the campus; sanitizing and disinfecting the school after each day of the exchange

Students returning to DeLaSalle for the 2020-21 school year will keep their iPad over the summer.

The 2019-20 protection plan will be extended until July 31, 2020. Students needing repairs to their device before next school year should contact to arrange for repair.

Students not returning to DeLaSalle in the fall should turn in their iPad along with any other school materials during the week of June 8.

DeLaSalle students, families, and staff can continue to make a difference in their communities and serve those in need, as we are called to do. DeLaSalle will host an Essential Food Drive at the school during the week of June 8, from 9:00am-4:00pm each day. We invite families to donate pasta, pasta sauce, beans (canned or dried), unrefrigerated tortillas, peanut butter, jelly, and rice. Donation tables will be located outside the school entrances. DeLaSalle staff will coordinate the delivery of donated items to neighborhoods, churches, and other organizations, who support our community in times of need. Families who are in need of support from the drive may contact the school here

DeLaSalle students who qualify for the federal free and reduced-price meal program will receive additional benefits, the state Human Services department has announced. The additional $325 pandemic electronic benefit transfer per child will automatically be loaded on existing EBT cards for those students who were receiving federal free or reduced meal, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) benefits. Families must use the benefit to purchase food only within a year of the date issued. Families can check their EBT card balance at 

This year, the summer program offered by La Salle University is completely online.  If you are a junior or senior who’d like to get a jump start on their college degrees in a 6-week session this summer, take a look at the full, transcripted 3-credit courses for a fraction of the cost of a regular course.

This year’s Summer Scholars will choose one of six exciting courses in multiple fields, earning 3 real college credits in an accelerated session running from June 22 – July 31, with an orientation session to be held the week of June 15.  Summer Scholars will also have access to our weekly roster of college and career preparation seminars, covering such topics as successful college writing, college major selection, how to choose the right college for you, and even how to get the most out of your college tour!  Our flexible courses blend synchronous and asynchronous methods, making it possible for students anywhere in the United States to participate.

Summer Scholars enrollment costs less than 1/3 of a regular La Salle University course: for $949.00, students will be registered in a transcripted, transferable 3-credit course, and have access to our career and college seminars.  Seats in courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis; students are encouraged to apply asap, and families of accepted students are encouraged to accept invitations to enroll at their earliest possible convenience.  Registration is open until June 12, but we’re encouraging students to apply as soon as possible, as seats in courses may fill up quickly.  Please find our application directions here; at this time, we are waiving the guidance counselor signature requirement.

Be on the lookout for colleges “going on the road” virtually.

Here is a consortium of colleges that usually does a group visit to our area, this year they have gone virtual: Emory, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, Washington University

Students must RSVP for this event as space may be limited.  Your college counselors see this as an ongoing trend this year.

The ACT test that is scheduled on June 13 at DeLaSalle has been canceled.

There is still summer testing at alternate test centers around the metro, however, everyday test centers are canceling. Test centers that do stay open may have fewer seats due to social distancing rules. Students who were registered for the June 13th test at DeLaSalle will receive information from ACT about changing test center locations or rescheduling. Students who still want to test this summer should plan for the possibility of multiple test center changes due to the ongoing closure of test centers. This means that communications from ACT should be monitored closely, emails opened and read for detail, and action taken in a timely manner to follow up on the directives given to you by ACT.

Tech support will be available by emailing or by calling 612.676.7678. When leaving a voicemail, please remember to include your name, a number at which you can be reached, and a brief overview of your question. Additionally, the Islanders Course has a new button on its home page, and we will house tips and reminders that will help you during Online School.

Take some time to look at the Guidance Department‘s resources in Canvas. From your Canvas dashboard, click the Islanders course. Then, click Guidance.  Within this area, you will find 5 buttons that will redirect you. *These resources will have ongoing changes and additions.

  • Counselors – school counselor, and /or college advisor, as well as other support staff assignments.
  • Naviance – the login page
  • College Planning –  tasks that will help your student with college planning by grade level
  • COVID-19 Family Support Resources – specific to the stress and anxiety some may be experiencing during this time
  • Online Learning – resources to help with the online school transition