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Once again, this year in a virtual online space, DeLaSalle students proved their historical research skills are among the best in state at the Minnesota History Day competition.  After a revised format of online judging between April 24-May 2, Minnesota award winners were announced on Facebook Live on May 3.  Over and over, the names of DeLaSalle student historians were announced, as De captured ten of the 45 potential medalist awards across nine different History Day categories.

Three different DeLaSalle projects are among the 18 from Minnesota advancing to a virtual National History Day, June 14-20, having finished first or second in one of the categories:

  • The team of Kate Mandler `21 and John Henry Sullivan ’21 earned first place in the Group Exhibit category for their project, “Women’s War of 1929.”
  • Also in Group Exhibits, the team of Evie Kaznessis `21 and Audrey Simpson `21 finished second in the state for their project, “Women in Mental Institutions.”
  • Elena Laskowski `21 also captured second place, in the Individual Website category, for “The Rise of Katherine Graham.”


Seven other projects were also recognized as State Top Five medalists, just missing the top two finish in their category which would have qualified them to go to Nationals:

  • Mary Svien ‘21 won third place in Individual Exhibits;
  • Owen Price `21, Saxon Rudduck `21, and Nick Scott `21 placed third in Group Exhibits;
  • Elijah Blaylark `21 and Quinn Collins `21 earned third in Group Documentaries;
  • Megan Wenner ‘21 placed fourth in Individual Documentaries;
  • Brooke Burnett `21, Alexandra Ezeokeke `21, and Maguire Murphy `21 finished fifth in Group Websites;
  • Leila Ambrus `21, Lou Lou Lambert `21, and Joe Mason `21 placed fifth in Group Performances; and
  • Amanda Martinez `21 earned fifth place in Individual Performances


Furthermore, ten other DeLaSalle projects earned Honorable Mention in their categories, and three  projects earned Topical Prizes as the best projects in specific categories: Maya Atherly-Larsen ‘21 won a topical award as one of the best projects in labor history, the team of Elijah Blaylark `21 and Quinn Collins `21 earned the topical award as best documentary in “Minnesota Experience” history,  and the team of Jazmine Estrada-Gomez `21 and Sole’nisa Warren `21 received a topical award as one of the best projects in immigration history.

The State competition at the University of Minnesota, brought together history scholars from across the state.  From results at the March 9th Metro Regional History Day competition, 46 DeLaSalle students had been chosen by independent judges to advance 26 separate projects to the State level.  The De students joined others advancing from nine separate regional competitions held throughout March and April, students from all corners of Minnesota who presented their projects for a new round of judging at State.

History Day is an annual project in the 11th grade Social Studies curriculum that gives juniors an opportunity to become expert historians by selecting and researching a topic of their choice around a national theme, which this year is “Breaking Barriers in History.” Students produced exhibits, dramatizations, websites, documentaries, or research papers, and they first displayed their projects for judging at DeLaSalle on February 18.

We also salute lead teachers, Martin Marrin and Michael Jacobs, and the entirety of the Social Studies department for their work with these scholars.  Congratulations to all students who qualified for State:

Individual Exhibits

  • Mary Svien – “Curtailing a Crippling Killer: How the Vaccine Conquered Polio” THIRD PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE


Group Exhibits

  • Kate Mandler, John Henry Sullivan – “Women’s War of 1929” FIRST PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE AND NATIONAL QUALIFIER
  • Evie Kaznessis, Audrey Simpson – “Women in Mental Institutions” SECOND PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE AND NATIONAL QUALIFIER
  • Owen Price, Saxon Rudduck, Nick Scott – “Frank Lloyd Wright” THIRD PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE
  • Grace Larkin, Audrey Orfiled-Johnson, Will Sylvain – “Salem Witch Trials” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Joel Jara, Lily Rojas, Charlie Bautista – “Mexican Immigration” STATE QUALIFIER
  • Daniel Kennedy, Kieran Rowe, Shane Zenk – “From Ripe to Rotten: The Career of Samuel Zemurray” STATE QUALIFIER


Individual Documentaries

  • Megan Wenner – “Sally Ride” FOURTH MEDALIST PLACE IN STATE
  • Maya Atherly-Larson – “America in Light and Darkness” TOPICAL PRIZE WINNER IN “LABOR HISTORY” and HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Esme Eubanks – “Iranian Women’s Rights Movement” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Bolu Ilelaboye – “Fela Kuti and Afrobeats” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Kathleen Mason – “Liberia” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE


Group Documentaries

  • Elijah Blaylark, Quinn Collins – “Minneapolis School Segregation/Integration” THIRD PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE and TOPICAL PRIZE IN “MINNESOTA EXPERIENCE” HISTORY
  • Sophia Chang, Mira Ho-Chen – “Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989” STATE QUALIFIER
  • Theresa DeGross, Yilin Yuan – “Ida Tarbell: The Shattering of Standard Oil” STATE QUALIFIER


Individual Websites

  • Elena Laskowski – “The Rise of Katharine Graham” SECOND PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE AND NATIONAL QUALIFIER
  • Veronica Kostka – “Caryl Churchill: A Leader of the Feminist Movement in the Arts” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Allicia Moeller – “Santo Tomás Internment Camp: Self-Governance and Survival” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Timothy Smith – “How the Haitian Revolution Built America” STATE QUALIFIER


Group Websites 

  • Brooke Burnett, Alexandra Ezeokeke, Maguire Murphy – “Miriam Makeba” FIFTH PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE
  • Sole’nisa Warren, Jazmine Estrada Gomez – “Speak American: The English-Only Movement in the U.S.” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE and TOPICAL PRIZE IN “IMMIGRATION HISTORY”
  • Anna Gerstenberger, Abby Johnson – “Ernst Haeckel: ‘The German Darwin’” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Chelsea Chukwu, Isabella Benjamin – “Oriana Fallaci” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE


Individual Performance

  • Amanda Martinez — “Juliette Gordon Low Leads the Girl Scouts in Breaking Gender Stereotypes” FIFTH PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE


Group Performance

  1. Lou Lou Lambert, Joe Mason, Leila Ambrus — “Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit”  FIFTH PLACE MEDALISTS IN  STATE