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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Prayer by Owen Johnson, Class of 2022
​Risen Lord, in this troubling time, please give our world strength like you gave the disciples strength after your death. Help our leaders rise up and have the courage to do the right thing and keep our world safe. Be with the front line heroes who need your guidance in this difficult time. Just like you led the first disciples, we ask you to lead us today. Amen.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for us! 
Live Jesus in our Hearts – Forever


Today’s Schedule

Hour 59:00am10:00am
Hour 610:10am11:10am
Hour 711:40am12:40pm
Hour 812:50pm1:50pm

*Students and families, please see the DeLaSalle Online School Schedule for more information.


In the news…

The most up to date information at this link:

Complete by May 3

  • Review contact information College Board is communicating with the AP community primarily by email. To ensure students are receiving critical information, they should log in to My AP to remind themselves of the email address and cell phone number they’ve asked the College Board to use. If they want, students can change contact information.
  • Two days before each exam, students will receive an email with a personalized e-ticket that will include their eight-character AP ID code. If a student still doesn’t receive the email, they’ll be able to access their e-ticket directly through My AP.


Week of May 4

  • Practice submissions through the exam demo.
    • Educators and students will have access to a demo of the exam experience. It will allow students to click through to practice the different ways to submit their responses. The demo will be generic across subjects, and not a practice exam.
  • Watch the world language walk-through video.
    • A video overview of the world language exam experience will be available for educators and students.


Week of May 11

  • Make sure world language students download the exam app.
    • World language students will need to download an app to test; we’ll provide them with directions and additional information by email when the app is available. The week before their exams, students can use the app to become familiar with its features, test their technology’s compatibility, and check the quality of sound in their intended exam location.


Extended Time Information

  • 50% extended Time or 100% Extended Time – Students will receive extended time within the online exam platform
  • Breaks as Needed – Students will receive the extended time, so they’ll be able to take breaks while still having enough time to complete the exam
  • Extra Breaks and Extended Breaks – Since the standard timing is 45 minutes for this year’s AP Exams ( and less for spoken AP world language and culture exams), there are no breaks during the exams. Therefore, extra breaks and/or extended breaks aren’t needed.

Your College Advisors are on hand every Tuesday to assist you with questions you have concerning college planning.

  • 7:30am-8:30am
  • 12:00pm-1:00pm
  • 7:00pm-8:00pm

To drop into office hours, visit the Canvas Islanders Course, then click Guidance. On this page, click on the Google Meet link at the bottom of the page.

Join Lasallian Ministry for morning prayer, Wednesdays from 8:30-8:45am in the Lasallian Ministry Google Meet.  Mr. Rogers will be hosting the prayer service live from our very own chapel. All are welcome!!

Lasallian Ministry has decided to host a second session of the 12th Grade Retreat on Wednesday, May 6. Members of the Class of 2020 are invited to join the Google Meet between 2:00 and 3:00pm.

What would you do if you were on Student Council?

On Friday, May 8, Student Council will hold elections for the positions of President/Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer. The following Friday, May 15, Student Council will hold elections for Class Representatives. These positions are open to all students.

If you are interested in running for Class Representative, please download a nomination form. In order to appear on the Class Representative ballot, you must return your nomination packet to Mr. Glanville and Ms. Brinson by Friday, May 8 via email. For any questions concerning the positions or the electoral process, please email Mr. Glanville.

Once again, this year in a virtual online space, DeLaSalle students proved their historical research skills are among the best in state at the Minnesota History Day competition.  After a revised format of online judging between April 24-May 2, Minnesota award winners were announced on Facebook Live on May 3.  Over and over, the names of DeLaSalle student historians were announced, as DeLaSalle captured ten of the 45 potential medalist awards across nine different History Day categories.

Three different DeLaSalle projects are among the 18 from Minnesota advancing to a virtual National History Day, June 14-20

Individual Exhibits

  • Mary Svien – “Curtailing a Crippling Killer: How the Vaccine Conquered Polio” THIRD PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE


Group Exhibits

  • Kate Mandler, John Henry Sullivan – “Women’s War of 1929” FIRST PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE AND NATIONAL QUALIFIER
  • Evie Kaznessis, Audrey Simpson – “Women in Mental Institutions” SECOND PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE AND NATIONAL QUALIFIER
  • Owen Price, Saxon Rudduck, Nick Scott – “Frank Lloyd Wright” THIRD PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE
  • Grace Larkin, Audrey Orfiled-Johnson, Will Sylvain – “Salem Witch Trials” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Joel Jara, Lily Rojas, Charlie Bautista – “Mexican Immigration” STATE QUALIFIER
  • Daniel Kennedy, Kieran Rowe, Shane Zenk – “From Ripe to Rotten: The Career of Samuel Zemurray” STATE QUALIFIER


Individual Documentaries

  • Megan Wenner – “Sally Ride” FOURTH MEDALIST PLACE IN STATE
  • Maya Atherly-Larson – “America in Light and Darkness” TOPICAL PRIZE WINNER IN “LABOR HISTORY” and HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Esme Eubanks – “Iranian Women’s Rights Movement” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Bolu Ilelaboye – “Fela Kuti and Afrobeats” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Kathleen Mason – “Liberia” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE


Group Documentaries

  • Elijah Blaylark, Quinn Collins – “Minneapolis School Segregation/Integration” THIRD PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE and TOPICAL PRIZE IN “MINNESOTA EXPERIENCE” HISTORY
  • Sophia Chang, Mira Ho-Chen – “Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989” STATE QUALIFIER
  • Theresa DeGross, Yilin Yuan – “Ida Tarbell: The Shattering of Standard Oil” STATE QUALIFIER


Individual Websites

  • Elena Laskowski – “The Rise of Katharine Graham” SECOND PLACE MEDALIST IN STATE AND NATIONAL QUALIFIER
  • Veronica Kostka – “Caryl Churchill: A Leader of the Feminist Movement in the Arts” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Allicia Moeller – “Santo Tomás Internment Camp: Self-Governance and Survival” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Timothy Smith – “How the Haitian Revolution Built America” STATE QUALIFIER


Group Websites 

  • Brooke Burnett, Alexandra Ezeokeke, Maguire Murphy – “Miriam Makeba” FIFTH PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE
  • Sole’nisa Warren, Jazmine Estrada Gomez – “Speak American: The English-Only Movement in the U.S.” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE and TOPICAL PRIZE IN “IMMIGRATION HISTORY”
  • Anna Gerstenberger, Abby Johnson – “Ernst Haeckel: ‘The German Darwin’” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE
  • Chelsea Chukwu, Isabella Benjamin – “Oriana Fallaci” HONORABLE MENTION IN STATE


Individual Performance

  • Amanda Martinez — “Juliette Gordon Low Leads the Girl Scouts in Breaking Gender Stereotypes” FIFTH PLACE MEDALISTS IN STATE


Group Performance

  • Lou Lou Lambert, Joe Mason, Leila Ambrus — “Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit”  FIFTH PLACE MEDALISTS IN  STATE

Are you wondering what to do about college? Need a little help getting started on the process? Well, do we have a seminar for you!

On Wednesday, May 6, you have the opportunity to hear from a group of seniors and representatives from the Guidance Department on what you can be doing now to make your fall semester less stressful and more enjoyable. In this hour-long seminar, we will be covering a month by month timeline of steps you should take to ensure that you are ready to apply to schools come November.

We will also reserve time for you to ask specific questions to people who just went through the process and have great advice for you. We will also be holding a seminar on scholarships next Wednesday, May 13. It’s not too early to be thinking about how to make college as affordable as possible. Join us to learn about best practices and gain resources to get ahead of the game.

To attend the first seminar, please join our Meet at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 6. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me at

Student Council in partnership with the Activities Office has been working hard to bringing back the DeLaSalle talent show.

DeLaSalle will hold a virtual talent show to allow students and staff to showcase their talents! We are looking to spread some cheer, to help keep social interactions going, and to share your talents with the DeLaSalle student body along with the greater DeLaSalle Community.

In order to be featured in De’s Got Talent, you will need to submit a 1-3 minute long clip or series of quality photographs of you performing your act or sharing your talent before May 22nd. To learn more about this opportunity, please read the De’s Got Talent page in the Islanders Canvas course.

There is a lot of information concerning the SAT, ACT, and AP testing that is changing daily.

Changes to College Board SAT/SAT Subject Tests
  • CollegeBoard has canceled the May 2, 2020 SAT and SAT Subject Test administration. Makeup exams for the March 14th administration (scheduled for March 28) have also been canceled.
  • Students who already registered for May, whose March test centers were closed, or who do not receive March scores because of any irregularities will receive refunds. Please log in to your College Board account for the latest updates.
Changes to ACT Tests
  • ACT has rescheduled its April 4th national test date to June 13th across the U.S. in response to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). All students registered for the April 4th test date will receive an email from ACT informing them of the postponement and instructions for free rescheduling to June 13 or a future national test date. 
Changes to College Board AP Exam Administration
  • In light of school closures across the country, CollegeBoard has determined that traditional face-to-face exam administrations will not take place this year.  Instead, students will take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home. The free response question format will only address content from the first 75% of the course sequence. CollegeBoard will provide two test date options for each AP exam.

DeLaSalle Administration and your AP Teachers require all AP students to sit for their exams. We believe this revised exam format in response to the school closures will allow students to successfully prepare and take exams, and colleges have accepted a shortened AP Exam for college credit when groups of students have experienced emergencies in the past. We also want to ensure that every student has access to a device at home to help prepare for your exam and participate in the AP Testing. If you need technical support contact the DeLaSalle technology office at least two weeks before your scheduled test to give them enough time to help you troubleshoot. CollegeBoard can also assist with getting you a device or the internet connectivity you will need to take the tests CollegeBoard Tech Help.

To help students begin to prepare they are offering 45-minute online AP Review Sessions with experienced AP teachers. Students are encouraged to participate in the live sessions or access the recorded sessions after they occur. AP REVIEW SESSIONS

Tech support will be available by emailing or by calling 612.676.7678. When leaving a voicemail, please remember to include your name, a number at which you can be reached, and a brief overview of your question. Additionally, the Islanders Course has a new button on its home page, and we will house tips and reminders that will help you during Online School.

Take some time to look at the Guidance Department‘s resources in Canvas. From your Canvas dashboard, click the Islanders course. Then, click Guidance.  Within this area, you will find 5 buttons that will redirect you. *These resources will have ongoing changes and additions.

  • Counselors – school counselor, and /or college advisor, as well as other support staff assignments.
  • Naviance – the login page
  • College Planning –  tasks that will help your student with college planning by grade level
  • COVID-19 Family Support Resources – specific to the stress and anxiety some may be experiencing during this time
  • Online Learning – resources to help with the online school transition

The in-person summer youth camps DeLaSalle had planned for this summer – known as Camp Islander – have been canceled because of prohibitions on large gatherings. The Student Activities office will follow up with families who had registered their child for a camp to process a refund. Activities staff are exploring other ways to provide opportunities for youth virtually and will update you later as we develop plans.