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As of January 24, over 300 eighth grade students have submitted application materials to DeLaSalle though the “regular decision” application deadline is still three weeks away.  (New this year, we have also added an “early decision” application deadline of January 31, for families who wish to receive an earlier admission decision from DeLaSalle by February 8.)  The “regular decision” deadline is on February 14, with a response promised within a week.  The Class of 2024 registers for classes on Saturday, February 29.

With the application deadlines on the horizon, DeLaSalle reminds prospective families on an additional opportunity for eighth grade students to take a make-up Entrance Exam.

  • Saturday, February 1 – 9:00 a.m. to Noon (Students taking the exam on this date will still be considered for the January 31 “early decision” deadline.)

At such an application pace, we are likely to exceed 330 applications by mid-February and 375-400  by August.  Each day, the De admissions office is hearing from 5-10 new applicants and receiving dozens of recommendations and transcripts on behalf of students who have already applied and/or taken an Entrance Exam.

It’s heartening to see such a robust level of interest from eighth graders and their families!  We have also welcomed ten incoming transfer students as the second semester has begun this month. We know these things happen in large part due to many kind referrals made by current students and parents to their friends, families, neighbors and colleagues.  Thank you!

While DeLaSalle will continue to accept applications after the February 14 deadline, it is strongly recommended that students complete their applications by this date.  By the 14th, students must submit (1) an application, (2) a copy of middle school transcripts, (3) at least one letter of recommendation from a current teacher, and (4) take the Entrance Exam.  All application materials are available here..

The make-up exam on February 1 will be offered in the Admission Office in Christian Brothers Hall, the building which faces Grove Street on the north (or back) side of the campus.  Please pre-register for one of these make-up exams by calling Mike O’Keefe at 612-676-7679 or Anne LoCoco at 612-676-7665.  DeLaSalle charges no fee for the exam and provides all test materials, including pencils.

The January 31 and February 14 deadlines are also in place for four-year, renewable Presidential Scholarships, which are based on academic performance and a student’s personal character while in middle school. To apply for academic scholarship consideration, eighth grade applicants must submit three (3) letters of recommendation, in addition to the other admission application criteria.

Families are also encouraged to submit the 2020-21 TADS application by February 14th to be eligible for full consideration of all grant and scholarship opportunities based in part on financial need.  All families – new or returning — must submit the TADS application no later than February 24, 2019. The total scholarship and grant program at DeLaSalle will exceed $3 million for students and families.

For more information about make-up exams or the admission process, please go to or call Vice President for Enrollment, Mike O’Keefe, at 612-676-7679.