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For the fourth year in a row, DeLaSalle held its own “De Day of Giving” on November 6, under the direction of Director of Development, Liz Hewitt, and the work of the Advancement Office staff.  The Islander community again rallied to support the school, raising $135,000, exceeding the single-day fundraising goal.  The DeLaSalle Advancement Office continues to process checks and other donations that were sent directly to the school in support of the initiative.

“It’s not lost on us that on the very same day we celebrated the wonderful academic achievements of our students, we also received the compelling support of nearly 670 donors who stepped up to support those very students we were celebrating, “ noted  president Barry Lieske.  “Our alumni and friends, our parents and grandparents, our staff, even our students themselves – representatives from our entire community – have made a statement of support for our mission and our work.  We are immensely grateful.”

The “De Day of Giving” also gave DeLaSalle the opportunity to grow the number of donors to DeLaSalle Several challenges were laid out by Hewitt and the Advancement Staff, and our supporters stepped up to meet every challenge:

  • $135,000 was raised for our students, teachers, and mission (up from $115,000 in 2018)
  • 667 total donors (UP from 483)
  • 150 parent donors (UP from 120)
  • 60 alumni classes represented (UP from 43)
  • 232 student donors (UP from 171)
  • GOAL REACHED for the $10,000 Board of Trustees challenge
  • GOAL REACHED for the $6,000 parent challenge
  • GOAL REACHED for the student participation challenge
  • and the Class of 1967 is the winner – yet again – of the Alumni challenge!

Coupled with the success of the October 12 Christian Brothers Gala, the past 25 days have broadened connections for DeLaSalle and yielded support for program enhancements, facility upgrades, and student financial aid.   The “Day of Giving” presents an opportunity for the entire community to selflessly and generously support DeLaSalle with gifts of all sizes.

“As I’ve said before, the generosity of DeLaSalle’s supporters never fails to inspire us!” said Lieske.  “Our benefactors offer a remarkable lesson to our students about gratitude and kindness for others. We are so grateful!   It’s immensely gratifying that so many believe in our work and truly care about the students’ access to DeLaSalle as well as their success once they are here.”

Monies raised from the “De Day of Giving” and the Gala help the school meet its fundraising goals for fiscal year 2019-20, balance the operating budget yet again, and fund the $3.25 million allocated in financial aid grants and merit scholarships for this school year.  And the great news is that, outside of these one-time events, we continue to receive support from donors who are making annual or recurring monthly gifts to De.  Four months into the fiscal year, we are well on our way toward meeting or exceeding our development revenue goals for 2019-20. THANK YOU!

If you did not have the chance to participate in the Christian Brothers’ Gala or the “De Day of Giving,” we would love for you to join the momentum and help us support DeLaSalle. Our students and our community are grateful for your support.