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Julian Wright '19 earns first place in the 100m in the 2019 state track and field championship

As the crowning storyline in a successful spring season for DeLaSalle athletic programs, Julian Wright `19 became a state champion, winning the 400 meters at the Class AA State Boas’ Track-and-Field Meet with a time of 48.39.  Julian also finished fourth in the 100 meters.   I’Tianna Salaam `22 also qualified for the Class AA meet in Girls’ Track-and-Field.

Additionally, the baseball team (18-5 record, section finalist) and girls’ lacrosse team  (10-2 record, section semi-finalist) both enjoyed banner seasons – a top ten ranking for each program throughout the year.

Half of the entire student body joined a sport in the spring season.  Congratulations to several DeLaSalle athletes for their accomplishments in the spring sports season, many of whom earned honors at their season’s conclusion:


Boys’ Track and Field

  • State Champion Class AA: Julian Wright `19 — First Place in the 400 meters (Julian also finished fourth in the 100 meters at State!)
  • All Conference: Anthony Harris Jr. ’19, Gus Langford ’22, Stewart Nelson ’21, Alex Wenner ’19, and Julian Wright ’19
  • Honorable Mention All Conference: Henry Fisher ’20, Sam Goetz ’19, William Skelly `22, and Robel Zewdie ’22


Girls’ Track and Field

  • State Meet Qualifier: I’Tianna Salaam `22
  • All Conference: Maggie Haller `20,  Molly Laumakis `20, I’Tianna Salaam `22, and Haley Tesch-Stevson `21
  • Honorable Mention All Conference: Muriel Ambrus `19, Leah Lyngen `19, Rayo Daniel `20, and Leah Dengerud `22


Boys’ Golf

  • Honorable Mention All Conference: Mychailo Karkoc ’19, Macklin Person ’20, Sam Pirozzolo ’19, and Liam Sullivan ’19


Boys’ Tennis

  • Academic All State: Josef Sachs `19
  • Honorable Mention All Conference: Josef Sachs ’19 and John Stuart ’22



  • All Conference:   Rebecca Goral ’20 and Sydney Riley ’20
  • Honorable Mention All Conference: Liz Bjorkstrand ’21,Gabrielle Johnson ’19, and Lucy Suek ’20



  • Academic All State Team Silver Award
  • Academic All State Individuals: Sam Kulesa `19, Charlie Rubendall `19,  Benton Scott `19, and Luke Timmerman `19
  • Selected for Minnesota State All-Star Game Series: Charlie Rubendall `19
  • All Conference: Sam Kulesa `19,  Sam McNosky `19, Charlie Rubendall `19, Gavin Taylor `19, and Luke Timmerman `19
  • Honorable Mention All Conference:  Grayson Green `21 and Benton Scott `19