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DeLaSalle Award winners Gabby Hill and Christine Ohenzuwa

For more than four decades, the most prestigious awards earned by DeLaSalle seniors are the “DeLaSalle Awards” and “Islander Awards,” as they recognize significant and broad contributions to the community and school’s legacy in areas of exemplary academic performance, personal character, and service to school and community.

By vote of the entire staff and the entire senior class, approximately ten percent of each graduating class is recognized in this manner; the two seniors with the most votes from peers and staff earn the “DeLaSalle Award” and the next-highest vote-getters receive “Islander Awards,” eighteen seniors in all.  As part of a year-end convocation to honor the graduating Class of 2019 on May 13, the seniors who are receiving the DeLaSalle and Islander Awards were announced, as selected by their peers and the DeLaSalle teachers and staff.  As each name was read, the Florance Center echoed with thunderous applause.

The highest honors, the “DeLaSalle Awards” for 2019 go to Gabrielle Hill and Christine Ohenzuwa.  Both Gabby and Christine have also earned the distinction as a “Distinguished Scholar” in the class, the group of graduates recognized each year for achieving a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or higher after the first seven semesters of high school.   As noted by the significance of the “DeLaSalle Award,” Gabby and Christine have certainly distinguished themselves in their academic work, but they have likewise left their mark other areas of school life – with significant contributions to co-curricular programs, leadership and exceptional service to school and community.  Gabby plans to attend Cornell University in the fall, while Christine plans to attend Princeton University.

Sixteen other classmates also have earned the next highest honors, the “Islander Awards,” which are also based upon their noteworthy contributions and achievement during their time at DeLaSalle.  Congratulations to Muriel Ambrus, Samantha Arocho, Reina Balley, Jamison Battle, Julia Brand, Victoria Brimacomb, Mary Clare Francois, Juan Pablo Guillen, Sasha Kenigsberg, Kalina Larsen, Amanuel Nigatu, Luke Timmerman, Tyrell Terry, Shannon Wagner, Alex Wenner, and Julian Wright.

All seniors will be recognized in some way at the May 22 Baccalaureate Mass and Senior Awards ceremony, in front of families and peers.  The DeLaSalle and Islander Award recipients will be recognized once again, and many other seniors will be lauded for their exemplary performance in individual academic and co-curricular areas.  The school will also note several scholarship recipients, National Honor Society members, National Art Honor Society members, Distinguished Scholars, and more.  The evening concludes with a reception, sponsored by the DeLaSalle Alumni Association, to congratulate the Islander graduates and welcome the newest members of the Association to their next lifetime connection.


DeLaSalle and Islander Awards

Continuing a tradition going back to the 1970s, the top awards earned by DeLaSalle graduates each year are the “DeLaSalle Awards” and the “Islander Awards.” These awards are decided by vote of the entire staff and the entire senior class, and they recognize the top ten percent of each graduating class for all-around excellence, Christian leadership, commitment to education, dependability, character, and active participation and service to school and community.

The two students receiving the highest number of votes receive the most distinguished award earned by a DeLaSalle graduate, the “DeLaSalle Award.”  The other exemplary seniors receive the next most distinguished award, the “Islander Award.”

DeLaSalle Award

  • Gabrielle “Gabby” Hill
  • Christine Ohenzuwa

Islander Awards

  • Muriel Ambrus
  • Samantha Arocho
  • Reina Balley
  • Jamison Battle
  • Julia Brand
  • Victoria Brimacomb
  • Mary Clare Francois
  • Juan Pablo Guillen
  • Sasha Kenigsberg
  • Kalina Larsen
  • Amanuel Nigatu
  • Luke Timmerman
  • Tyrell Terry
  • Shannon Wagner
  • Alex Wenner
  • Julian Wright