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Victoria Brimacomb '19 welcomes a prospective student to DeLaSalle

As of early May, it is likely that DeLaSalle will begin the 2019-20 school year with another strong enrollment, potentially growing slightly in the coming year and certainly meeting the goals of the school’s strategic plan.

The school is still accepting applications and in most cases, still able to place a new registrant at all grade levels for the coming year.

Vice President for Enrollment, Mike O’Keefe `78, has been receiving inquiries, leading family tours, conducting transfer interviews, and registering new students, provided:  (1) the student meets admission criteria; and (2) a course schedule and tuition contract can be built this late into the admission cycle.  In April alone, we received 34 new inquiries for potential admission (across all grade levels) and 23 applications have been submitted.  In total, over 50 families have made inquiry for potential transfer into grades 10-11-12 in the fall, and DeLaSalle has received, to date, just under 400 applications for potential ninth grade admission.

Interested families are encouraged to contact O’Keefe at 612-676-7679 as soon as possible to learn more about DeLaSalle, admission criteria, the application process, and potential placement.

Enrollment at DeLaSalle has fluctuated considerably over its history as seen in these 25-year increments:

1919 – 202 boys

1944 – 585 boys

1969 – 784 boys

1994 – 386 boys and girls

2019 – 750 +-(projected) boys and girls

The current era of enrollment remains the school’s largest since 1970-71, when 780 students, all boys, were studying in three buildings – the current “A” and “B” buildings and also the original “C” building, which stood in the area now known as Founder’s Park from 1900 to 1972.  From a peak of 1654 boys in 1963-64, De’s enrollment had steadily declined to a 77-year low of 306 boys and girls in 1990-91.  From that point, enrollment steadily climbed over 20 years to a range of 600-650 — and then took another jump to the current enrollments near 750 students between 2011-2017.