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DeLaSalle High School congratulates 40 members of its graduating Class of 2019 who have achieved the honor of “Distinguished Scholar.”  These 40 students have earned a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or better through the first semester of their senior year.  (With accelerated grade point values for Honors and Advanced Placement courses, the range of grade point averages is as high as 4.34.)

We salute these scholars, and at the same time, their parents and families, their teachers at DeLaSalle, and all teachers and adult mentors  who have had a positive influence on their education to date.

The “Distinguished Scholar” designation is the program by which DeLaSalle honors graduating students for exemplary grades over four years.   With the vast majority of incoming ninth graders having proven to be highly successful middle school students — and then continuing their strong academic performance in high school — DeLaSalle discontinued using class rank and acknowledgement of only two graduates as valedictorian and salutatorian in 2001.  Annually, between 97-99 percent of graduates matriculate to college, and the school salutes the high levels of academic achievement across the entirety of each graduating class.

These Distinguished Scholars will be formally recognized at Baccalaureate and Senior Awards on May 22:

  • Muriel Ambrus
  • Reina Balley
  • Isaac Blaine-Sauer
  • Julia Brand
  • Victoria Brimacomb
  • Kevin Cambi
  • Dana Corbin
  • Clara Coughlan-Smith
  • Gabrielle Hill
  • Corey Hines
  • Jack Holthusen
  • Elvis Idrovo-Mejia
  • Zichen Jiang
  • Quinn Johnson
  • Caroline Kenney
  • Ruth Kinyon
  • Sam Kulesa
  • Kalina Larsen
  • Anders Lundin
  • Sophia Marret
  • Tatziana McKnight
  • Amanuel Nigatu
  • Kayla Nye
  • Christine Ohenzuwa
  • J.W. Person
  • Joseph Phelan
  • Isabella Prater
  • Tianquin Qu
  • Josef Sachs
  • Daniel Schmidt
  • Grant Singer
  • Maria Spack
  • Luke Timmerman
  • Audrey Vidmar
  • Shannon Wagner
  • Madelynn Wald
  • Nathaniel Walker
  • Lucia Wallinga
  • Meryt Watkins-Wright
  • Alex Wenner