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Junior – Senior Prom

Saturday, April 27 / 7:30pm-12:00am

Nicollet Island Pavilion

Purple Reign


Students have two options to get “red carpet” access:

  1. Prom payments can be made in the DeLaSalle Business Office with Ms. Pam Smith with cash or check payment. (Please make all checks payable to DeLaSalle High School-memo Prom)
  2. Prom payments can also be made online here (Prom Online Payment).

Purchase your “Red Carpet” Access BEFORE Wednesday, April 17th for $75.00

Purchase your “Red Carpet” Access AFTER Wednesday, April 17th for $85.00

Online sales close on Wednesday, April 24 at 11:59pm – no exceptions!



Due to reservation requirements, unfortunately we will not be able to offer refunds after Friday, April 26. Additionally, no refunds will be issued to students in the event of a disciplinary action or an attendance issue leading up to prom, which results in the student’s inability to attend prom.

The (optional) Grand March will be held in the Florance Center on April 27 at 6:30pm. Two sections of chairs provide seating for family and friends to view prom attendees as they are introduced and then walk across the stage and down a center aisle in the Florance Center.

  • To be in the Grand March you must check- in between 6:00-6:15pm.
  • Check- in is outside the Florance Center – there you will get a name card for the announcer.
  • Students may march as individuals, couples, or groups of friends.
  • Family members will not be allowed in the Florance Center corridor area.

  • Buffet dinner service will begin at 7:30pm.
  • All attendees must arrive by 8:00pm. Admittance is not allowed after 8:00pm.
  • Table seating assignments will be displayed at check-in.
  • The dinner will be a variety of items including salad, pasta, meat, and dessert. Wait staff will call guests to the buffet dinner and dessert table.
  • A soda bar will serve soft drinks all evening. Water will also be available all evening.
  • Anyone with special dietary concerns should speak to Ms. Brinson by Friday, April 12

  • Tables will be set for 8 people.
  • Prom attendees must purchase a ticket before they can sign up for preferred seating selection.
  • If you are bringing a non DeLaSalle student as your guest, you must see Mrs. Gillund or Mr. Lemon to confirm receipt of dance guest form and selection of your table will be done at this time.
  • Dance guest forms must be fully completed and returned to DeLaSalle by Thursday, April 25. All prom-goers are reminded we are a Lasallian community and should people we don’t know very well be seated at our table, we will take this arrangement as an opportunity to know our classmates better and deepen/expand our friendships.

  • There will be no cell phone conversations at any table during dinner.
  • Please keep your cell phone on silent or vibrate.
  • If you must use your cell phone, excuse yourself from the table, and go to a side of the room to continue the call.

At 8:00pm (or at the conclusion of dinner) the prom King and Queen will be announced. The King and Queen will have the first dance. Afterwards, all attendees may join in the fun.

The diversity we celebrate at DeLaSalle will be evident in the music choices for this evening. One single genre will not monopolize the evening. If you are interested in creating a prom playlist, send song playlist request to Ms. Brinson by Friday, April 19th.

Voting for the king and queen will take place via email, no later than Wednesday, April 24. All juniors and seniors may vote, but only seniors are eligible to be king and queen.

DeLaSalle students, who wish to bring a non-DeLaSalle guest, must have the Dance Guest Registration form completed and returned to Mrs. Gillund or Mr. Lemon, no later than Thursday, April 25. DeLaSalle reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. For Prom, non-DeLaSalle guests must be at least a 9th grade student and under 21 years of age. All non-DeLaSalle students must have a student ID or state-issued ID when checking in at the Pavilion.

  • This is a formal evening, yet extravagant attire is not necessary.  Many guys wear nice suits and ties instead of renting a tuxedo. Ladies, why buy expensive, uncomfortable high heels you’ll kick off as soon as the dance starts?  All students should keep prom expenses reasonable and prom attire appropriate.
  • There is no re-admittance to the Prom.  Be sure to bring everything you need (camera, flat shoes, etc.) with when you enter the Pavilion.  
  • During the dance, students may leave personal belongings at the check-in station provided and supervised by adult chaperones.
  • Parents are not allowed inside the Nicollet Island Pavilion.
  • The consumption/use of alcohol or illegal drugs before or during prom night is strictly prohibited. If there is reasonable suspicion that you are under the influence, your parents will be notified and you will be asked to leave the school-sponsored event.
  • Be sure to have all prom and after-prom activities cleared and approved by your parent or guardian before the evening begins. Hotel after-prom parties and unsupervised events are strongly discouraged.  

Photo Booth will be available at Nicollet Island Pavilion from 8:30-10:30pm. There will not be a photographer on hand for professional prom photos. Students and families are encouraged to take photos on your own.


Make Prom 2019 an evening of fun memories, not regrets.

Make the most of the elegance and festivity!

If you have questions about any of this information, please contact Kai Brinson at 612-676-7684 or visit the Student Activities office.