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DeLaSalle salutes 70 students who, as individuals or in groups, are advancing 37 projects to the Metro Senior High Regional History Day competition on March 18 at Augsburg College.  On the 18th, these students’ projects will be judged once again, and they may be chosen to advance on to the 2019 Minnesota State History Day on May 4 at the University of Minnesota.  (Students who wrote research papers automatically advance to the State competition.) Another 21 projects are alternate projects for the regional competition.

This year, Minnesota History Day officials limited the number of projects a school may enter into competition.

Of note, more students from DeLaSalle have advanced more projects and papers to the State History Day competition than from any other high school in Minnesota over the past 12 years.   Students who do well at State may be chosen to compete at National History Day in June.

History Day is an annual project in the 11th grade Social Studies curriculum that gives juniors an opportunity to become expert historians by selecting and researching a topic of their choice around a national theme, which this year is “Triumph and Tragedy in History.” Students produced exhibits, dramatizations, websites, documentaries, and research papers, and they first displayed their projects for judging at DeLaSalle on February 19.   

Congratulations and good luck to:

Individual Exhibits

  • Paige Ung – “Fall of a Nation:  The Cambodian Genocide and Khmer Rouge”
  • Kai Sobaski – “One-Child Policy”
  • Maya Shepherd – “Right” or “Left,” “Slave” or “Death” (Josef Mengele and the Twin Experiments)
  • Maggie Haller – “Smallpox as Biological Warfare”
  • Joey Hanson – “The Warsaw Uprising of 1944”
  • Maya Adelgren – “Wangari Maathai: Planting the Green Belt Movement”


  • Molly Laumakis – “Georges Méliès”
  • Adelaide Ney – “Deinstitutionalization”
  • Elena Mercado – “Disability Rights Movement”
  • Mae Hyser – “Black Monday:  The Stock Market Crash of 1987”


Group Exhibits

  • Chase Taylor, Margaret Engel, Mack Person & Alexis Starr – “Black Wall Street”
  • Lucy Lyngen, Megan Benson & Maya Wosepka – “Dr. Seuss Political Cartoons”
  • Imelda Mongo, Weslyn Harmon, Jacoby Andrews, Kennedi Roberts – “Elimination of Afro-Argentines”
  • Andrea Beltran-Moore &  Sara Pallchizaca – “The Thalidomide Tragedy: A Pharmaceutical Nightmare”
  • Andrew Irvin, Jalen Travis, David McComas & Rayo Daniel – “W.E.B. DuBois: The New Negro”
  • Emma Copeland & Sarah Ruckett – “Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram”


  • Alaja Miller, Nurjei Weems, Dasiyah Franklin-Carter, Daisha Crockett – “Haitian Revolution”


Individual Documentaries

  • Jamie Wheeler -”Federal Theatre Project”
  • Grace DeRoche – “Female Mozart”
  • Will Grass – “Redlining”
  • Ainsley Cox – “The Conservation Camping Trip”
  • Vivian Pham – “A Journey to Freedom:  The Vietnamese Boat People”
  • An Nguyen-Trinh – “Comfort Women”


  • Devan Riley – “The Great Northern War”
  • Danielle Whiteside – “Motown”
  • Ally McCarthy – “Kent State Shootings”


Group Documentaries

  • Wyatt Gibb, Ethan Huber & George Mignogna – “Battle of Stalingrad”
  • Elliot Steeves, James Pfarr, Michael Underwood & Lucas Comstock – “Great Schism of 1054”
  • Mara Valme-Jones & Greta Vanstrum – “MS-13”
  • Henry Fisher, Nick Ericksen & Nathan Omodt – “Operation Gunnerside”


  • Alex Calle, Brian Aucaquizhpi, Jose Lema & HuiCheng Ju – “Pablo Escobar”
  • Stephen Weiler, Noah Emmes, Gabe Amore & Sam Liang – “The Beatles”


Individual Websites

  • Stella Dennehy – “Boys Who Exposed the President’s Men”
  • Jennifer Barahona – “Bracero Program”
  • JunFen Freihammer – “Chinese Exclusion Act”
  • Eden Feleke – “Italian-Ethiopian War”
  • Joshua Alfano – “Kim Il Sung”
  • Lucy Wojda – “Witold Pilecki”


  • Sarah Swanson – “Equal Rights Amendment”
  • Elizabeth Kerkvliet – “Katherine Johnson”
  • Sam Jorgensen – “Henry Ford”
  • Abby Wagner – “Argentina Dirty War”
  • Gabe Goeddeke – “Rachel Carson and the Modern Environmental Movement”


Group Websites

  • Eleanor Paulsen & Chalon Coley – “Ida B. Wells”
  • Hector Yuquilima, Julian Kimmel, Sam Bailey & Darius Reynolds – “The First Opium War”
  • Megan Scobee, Emily Reed & Henry Deinema – “Reform in Minnesota Mental Institutions”
  • Eleanor Snee, Hannah Omodt & Sydney Riley – “Rosemary Kennedy”
  • Liam Maves, Bodi Sutton & MJ Lagos – “Woodstock”
  • Max Nelson, Nico Alba & Andrey Garbisch – “Joseph Kennedy”


  • Bryce Weber, Kendal Neary & Mathias Goddard – “Italian Resistance”
  • Shalom Luitjens Weatherspoon & Sophia Bauer – “Triangle Shirtwaist Fire”


Individual Performances

  • Diana Truong – “Agent Orange: Across Two Worlds”
  • Parker Adams – “Eva and Juan Peron/Peronism”
  • Calvin Mattson – “Magically Suppressing a Revolution”


Research Paper

  • Abigail Hames – “J. Marion Sims: The Father of Modern Gynecology”