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DeLaSalle parents are invited to join the monthly Parent Association meeting on Monday, February 11 to hear from Dr. Jules Nolan, a licensed psychologist and the president-elect of the state association of school psychologists.  Dr. Nolan will share insights on “Adolescent Behavior:  Social Media and Technology.” The meeting begins at 6:30pm in the Schulze Lab (D104), and all DeLaSalle parents are invited to attend the presentation.

All of us are becoming more and more engaged with technology in our school and work routines, often with positive outcomes in communication and discovery.  At times, however, our phones and computers have other impacts on our family life and behaviors.  Parents and their children perhaps are less engaged in conversation with each other as a result of social media/technology overuse, and the same may be true in our friendships and work/school relationships outside of our homes.  Many parents speak of searching for more balance, more “presence” and more interaction.

Dr. Nolan has been an invited speaker at state, national, and international conferences and is a practicing partner in Phoenix School Counseling, a firm that provides licensed school counselors and psychological services to member schools. Her published works include original research conducted internationally and nationally on topics including classroom behavior, student resilience, and learning. She authored a college textbook on adolescent development and textbook chapter on study-abroad. Dr. Nolan has been an adjunct professor and invited lecturer for Minnesota State University, and St. Mary’s University. Together with her husband of 30 years, Jules has raised 3 children who are all in their 20’s and still show up for Sunday dinners and family game nights.

As always at Parent Association meetings, snacks will be plentiful, as will opportunities to meet other parents and share perspectives with each other.  All De parents are members of the De Parent Association by virtue of enrolling their daughter or son.  Hope you can join us.