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DeLaSalle is grateful to several hundred families for their ongoing interest in DeLaSalle and the unique educational opportunity we provide – drawing students from Prior Lake to White Bear Lake, from St. Michael to Cottage Grove, over 125 middle schools in total.  We are proud of the combination of priorities for our school — to be Catholic and Lasallian, to be diverse and inclusive, to be preparatory for college and career – all of these with high levels of rigor and respect for each individual and with a commitment to service, quality relationships and relevance.

When the second semester begins, we will be welcoming several incoming transfer students.  The Admissions Office has received over 30 inquiries/applications since mid-October for potential transfer admission — either during the year or in August, 2019.

As for the Class of 2023, it’s been a great fall at DeLaSalle, due to personally “meeting” over 500 eighth graders who have made a contact with us during the year.  As you have read, we hosted 280 families at our October 29 Open House – which was wonderful!  We have already hosted 300 eighth graders as student “Islander for a Day” guests since October 31 – that’s better yet!  Add over 50 individual parent tours and several dozen inquiries via phone or email and there’s a LOT of excitement building for next year at DeLaSalle!

We fully realize that most families are looking at multiple high school options, but we are both confident and grateful as we take an early look at 2019-20.  Application materials are coming in every day, even though the application deadline for “admission early decision” is nearly two months away, on February 15.  We’re also receiving new requests for parent tours and student visits in January.  It’s been a busy and terrific two months to end 2018.

Our second and final Open House is scheduled for Wednesday, January 16, from 7:00-9:00pm.  The second Open House will follow the same format as October’s with typically an audience of about one-third the size of the first.   Please invite your friends, neighbors, colleagues and family to learn more about De.

The Entrance Exam for the Class of 2023 is on Saturday, January 19, from 8:30-11:30am.  Students register for the Exam in the Albers Atrium between 8:00 – 8:25 am, and it takes only 3-5 minutes to register.  (There is no need to register for the Exam before the 19th, nor does DeLaSalle require an application for admission before the 19th as that deadline is February 15th.  There is no fee to take the Entrance Exam at DeLaSalle (nor to apply for admission), and we provide all materials.

While the students are taking the Exam, we invite parents to stay for the annual Parent Seminar, offering a comprehensive presentation/discussion on a variety of topics, including:

  • How and when admission decisions are made at DeLaSalle High School?
    • Procedures and deadlines for submitting application materials,
    • Entrance Exam interpretation and its use as part of an admission decision.
    • Ninth grade registration procedures and course placement on March 2.
  • Transition from grade school to DeLaSalle, including a preview of our three Spring and Summer orientation activities for new students, transportation, uniforms, services for students and parents, etc.
  • New courses and new programs for 2019-20
  • Tuition, financial policies, and opportunities for financial assistance:
    • Applications and criteria for Academic scholarships (also known as Presidential Scholarships) that are based on merit and are renewable for four years.
    • Applications for financial aid grants based on family financial need, including a step-by-step review of the TADS financial aid application for families applying for grants.
    • Opportunities for parents (and some students) to participate in the Islander Foundation Program, a work program that could help families defray education expenses.

The Advancement/Admissions staff thanks everyone for their many kind referrals to prospective families and students.  For more information, please contact Vice President for Enrollment, Mike O’Keefe `78, at 612-676-7679 or Associate Director of Admission, Lourdes Bunay `11, at 612-676-7665.