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For more than four decades at DeLaSalle, the most prestigious awards earned by graduating seniors are the “DeLaSalle Awards” and “Islander Awards.”   These awards recognize significant and broad contributions to the community and school’s legacy in areas of exemplary performance, personal character, and service to school and community.

Chosen by vote of the entire staff and the entire senior class, approximately ten percent of the class is recognized each year for such all-around excellence as a person of dependability, participation, service, and Christian leadership.  As always noted at DeLaSalle, “who you are” always matters most.  The two seniors with the most votes earn the “DeLaSalle Award,” and the next group of seniors receiving the most votes from peers and staff are honored with the “Islander Award.”  At the final all-school convocation of the year on May 14, the 2018 recipients were announced for these most prestigious awards at DeLaSalle.

The “DeLaSalle Award” was earned by Efrata Feleke and Sam Mishler, each of whom received their awards to loud applause from their classmates and the assembled audience of students and staff.

Seventeen other seniors were recognized with “Islander Awards:”   Ben Anderson, Ansley Atkinson, Erin Boehme, Kemi Daniel, Eliot Doerner, Julia Eubanks, Evan Francois, Ben Jackson, Gabe Kalscheur, Karina Karbo –Wright, Saul Maldonado Perez, Jazmine Ngwu,  Xavier Roberts, Golda Stewart , Brady Thompson, Jae Whiterabbit and Peter Wild Crea.  Congratulations to all!

Eubanks and Thompson were also recognized for their extraordinary “Giving Tree” service projects.  Thompson planned and built the community garden that sits adjacent to the DeLaSalle athletic field, while Eubanks organized a donation of 30 iPads (and the training of teaching staff) at a school in Haiti.  In addition, Ms. Peg Hodapp was recognized for reaching the 25-year milestone as a teacher and administrator at the school; she is only the 18th woman or man to reach that milestone in DeLaSalle’s 118-year history.

The DeLaSalle Award and Islander Award winners, as well as the previously-announced Distinguished Scholars, will be recognized once more at the annual Baccalaurete and Senior Awards on May 23.  Several other individual academic department and student activity senior awards will also be awarded.  Several students will also be recognized for college scholarships that evening, when families and friends of the Class of 2018 will join DeLaSalle staff.  Father Joe Kuharski, DeLaSalle chaplain, will celebrate Mass for the assembly, and the entire class will be recognized at a reception sponsored by the DeLaSalle Alumni Association.