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In recent years, Technovation has clearly become one of the activities of choice for young women enrolled at DeLaSalle, connecting students to technology and business in innovative, yet practical ways.  Over the course of two weeks this month, two teams of Islanders are presenting apps they have designed to the broader tech and business communities. These apps could one day help keep teenagers across the world safe as they navigate the Internet.

These nine students have created the Ello! and UnderStudy apps as part of Technovation[MN], an annual competition which enables teen girls to learn entrepreneurship skills and how to code mobile apps. The students will present their apps at Technovation’s Appapalooza on May 12 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

In preparation for the Appapalooza, U.S. Bancorp, which sponsored the two DeLaSalle teams, welcomed the students to its corporate headquarters April 30 as part of its U.S. Bank Challenge.  The De student teams presented their apps and business plans to bank executives, including CEO Andy Cecere and the bank’s heads of innovation and cybersecurity.

Ello! uses interactive scenarios to help current and prospective social media users think about the pros and cons of the decisions they make online. The app was created by sophomores Annalise Beckfeld, Eleanor Paulsen, Susanlyn Singroy, and Abby Wagner.

Five seniors created the UnderStudy app, which connects students with peer tutors through a secure login. The student team features Erin Boehme, Celeste Cervantes, Julia Gerloff, Isabelle Paulsen, and Daryl Yap.

Through our school’s connections with Technovation[MN], DeLaSalle students Gabrielle Hill ‘19, Christine Ohenzuwa ‘19, and Daryl Yap ‘18 were celebrated as honorees at the Minnesota Aspirations for Women in Computing award ceremony on April 17.  School librarian, Judith Roggow received the group’s State Educator Award at the same ceremony.

In 2017, Alyissa Sanders ’18 and Tien Vonguyen ’17 were honorees at the Aspirations for Women in Computing Awards.  Later in the year, Hill, Ohenzuwa, and Meryt Watkins-Wright `19 formed a team and were finalists in a comparable competition blending their original app design and entrepreneurship, sponsored by Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota.

Congratulations to all the students for their vision, creativity, and commitment.  Roggow and math/computer science teacher, David Pearson, advise the DeLaSalle Technovation teams, with assistance from five coaches who work outside.