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DeLaSalle salutes 55 students who, as individuals or in groups, are advancing 29 projects to the Metro Senior High Regional History Day competition on March 13 at Augsburg College.  On the 13th, these students’ projects will be judged once again, and they may be chosen to advance on to the 2018 Minnesota State History Day on April 28 at the University of Minnesota.  (Students who wrote research papers automatically advance to the State competition.) Another 18 projects are alternate projects for the regional competition.

This year, Minnesota History Day officials limited the number of projects a school may enter into competition.

Of note, more students from DeLaSalle have advanced more projects and papers to the State History Day competition than from any other high school in Minnesota over the past 11 years.   Students who do well at State may be chosen to compete at National History Day in June.

History Day is an annual project in the 11th grade Social Studies curriculum that gives juniors an opportunity to become expert historians by selecting and researching a topic of their choice around a national theme, which this year is “Conflict and Compromise”. Students produced exhibits, dramatizations, websites, documentaries, and research papers, and they first displayed their projects for judging at DeLaSalle on February 20.   

Congratulations and good luck to:

Individual Exhibits:

  • Cole Smith-Walter – “Forced Conformity: American Indian Boarding Schools: Cole Smith-Walter”
  • Audrey Vidmar – “Jenson v. Eveleth: No Place For A Woman”
  • Rowan Keenan – “Korematsu v. The United States”
  • Kalina Larsen – “Solidarność: Power of Powerless”
  • Nicolo Margioni – “Special Observations Group (SOG)”
  • Olivia Porter – “Stonewall: The Start of It All”


  • Gabriella Grady – “The CIA”
  • Paige Mueffelman – “The Civilian Conservation Corps”
  • Gabriel Steinmetz – “Chinese Immigration to Vancouver”
  • Tess Linville – “Anne Frank in Isolation”
  • Nico Martinez – “The Salem Witch Trials”

Group Exhibits:

  • Sophia Marret and Muriel Ambrus – “Central Park Five”
  • Quinn Johnson, John Paine, Molly Stuart, Indigo Rudduck – “Creation of the FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit}”
  • Isaac Blaine-Sauer, Julia Brand, Reina Balley – “Folder Marked ‘X'”:
  • Benton Scott, Jack Uecker, Sam Parentau – “Marshall Plan”
  • Frances Haase, Tatziana McNight and Lucia Wallinga – “National Women’s Health Movement of the 1960s and 1970s”
  • Olivia Odegard, Caroline Kenney, Grace Kenney – “Warren Commission”


  • Kayla Nye, Maddi Wald – “Josef Mengele’s Tortured Twins”
  • Andrea Kemayah, Iyana Ford-Pettis, Jayden Banks – “New York Slave Revolt of 1712”
  • Ava Langums, Isaiah Fitzsimmons – “Nat Turner Slave Revolt”
  • Leah Lyngen, Arianna Ortiz – “Women in WWII”

Individual Websites:

  • Christine Ohenzuwa – “Edo Art and the British Empire”
  • Shane de Sibour – “Environmental Movement”
  • Kate Kouatli – “Occupational Abuses in Palestine”
  • Zichen Jiang – “Stem Cell Research”


  • Nia Steinhagen – “Madrigall v. Quilligan”
  • Elvis Idrovo Mejia – “Manhattan Project”
  • Dana Corbin – “Infiltration: The Creation & Dismantlement of the Black Panther Party”

Group Websites:

  • Sam McNosky, Diego Theisen – “Black Soldiers treatment v Treatment of German POWs”
  • Alex Wenner, Hannah Hass – “Community Health Care Act of 1963”
  • Eldrick Dossavi, Corey Hines and Anthony Harris – “Def Comedy Jam”
  • Jack Holthusen, Sam Goetz and Joe Brezonik – “The Siege of Waco: A Branch of History”


  • Darlington Yonly, Jake Sullivan – “Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Protests in American Sports”
  • Noah Blohm, Tyler Carns – “Iran Hostage Crisis”

Individual Documentaries:

  • Luke Timmerman – “Creation of the State of Israel”
  • Gabrielle Hill – “Curt Flood”
  • Adaire Criner – “Harvey Milk”
  • Jeno Broschofsky – “Munich Massacre”


  1. Ben Maruggi – “Kurdish Autonomous Regions”
  2. Nate Walker – “Tom Petty”
  3. Meryt Watkins-Wright – “Nina Simone”
  4. John Hank – “Harlem Hellfighters”

Group Documentaries:

  • Richard Choi, Diana Herrera Ortega, Kevin Cambi – “Khmer Rouge”
  • Anders Lundin, Grant Singer – “LSD and the CIA”
  • Thomas Pribbenow, Michael Larkin – “Oil Emissions Crisis and the Rise of Japanese Cars”
  • Thomas Bean, Emily Williams – “Women in World War II”

Group Performances

  • Emmett Bell, William Rushman – “Berlin Wall”
  • Clara Coughlan-Smith, Juan-Pablo Guillen, Isabella Prater, Alexandra Thornton, – “Guthrie Theater”

Research Papers

  • Maria Spack – “Matilda Effect”
  • Ava Chance – “New York Abortion Debate”
  • Keegan Helmke – “Prohibition”