by DeLaSalle | | Special Content

Dear Friends of DeLaSalle,

As our Scripture theme this year calls us to do, we rejoice in hope, especially during this Thanksgiving season. We are blessed with each student and their family who make up the DeLaSalle community, who inspire us each day to live our Lasallian mission to touch the hearts and minds of those entrusted to our care. We offer our gratitude as well for those who believe in our work and who share with us their gifts of time, treasure, and talent to sustain this more than century-old tradition.

In addition to giving thanks, we express our hope and optimism for all that is to come – the discoveries students will make in their classes, the lifelong bonds and friendships they will form with their classmates and peers, and the values and knowledge they will take with them as they create lasting contributions after DeLaSalle.

However and wherever you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, know that we hold you and your loved ones in prayer and are eternally grateful that you are a part of our community.

Live Jesus in our hearts – Forever!

DeLaSalle Holds 25th Annual Christmas Basket Drive

Around Christmas, for the past 25 years, DeLaSalle has spiritually adopted several families through Sponsor a Family Minnesota in addition to helping teenagers served by Sharing & Caring Hands and Avenues for Homeless Teens. These recipients have benefited greatly from our generous spirit; last year, students and staff brought in $4,000.

Donations are accepted in 9th and 10th grade Theology classes or 11th and 12th grade English classes. Money collection runs daily from November 8-December 1. Students will gather after school on December 1 to purchase gifts for the families.