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Join other parents at the Parent Association meeting on Monday, April 10 for “Parent Know and Tell,”  where discussion will center on practical and effective parenting of the adolescent children we love.  Has your increasingly independent child changed just a little this year?   How about the new challenges your child faces:  Potential job?  A driver’s license?  Social media, social life and social decisions?  RESPONSIBILITIES?  And don’t forget… three months of summer free time loom for all families.

More homework, more activities, more independence and less sleep may not have always worked well together!    At eight months into this school year, has high school brought you, the parent, a whole new set of concerns or “parenting opportunities?”    Don’t you wish you could sometimes compare notes and stories with other parents – or gather some accumulated wisdom for parents who have already been through all the ups and downs of parenting a high school student, just to confirm that you aren’t really the “only parent who acts that way?”

Let’s again meet together at De to tell stories, laugh, and share our collective parental wisdom:  What you already KNOW about your child and his or her experiences…  and what you could TELL other parents about this unique age.  This forum for parents will present an organized opportunity to share experiences and perspectives about driving, curfews, weekend socializing, nutrition, rest and schedule balance, social media use, and so much more that affects every teen and every household.

The Parent Association will also highlight upcoming activities on their calendar:  Island Clean-Up on April 22, Staff Appreciation Day on April 27, and the New Parent Meet-and-Greet on May 13.  As always, light refreshments will be served at Monday’s meeting and there will be a report from a school administrator.  Any Questions, please contact Parent Association Co-Chairs, Jackie Schluter Johnson or Luann Mishler, or Staff Liaison, Mike O’Keefe.   We look forward to seeing you on Monday!