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DeLaSalle salutes 59 students who, as individuals or in groups, are advancing 38 projects to the Metro Senior High Regional History Day competition on March 14 at Augsburg College.  On the 14th, these students’ projects will be judged once again, and they may be chosen to advance on to the 2017 Minnesota State History Day on April 29 at the University of Minnesota.  (Students who wrote research papers automatically advance to the State competition.) Another 21 projects are alternate projects for the regional competition.

Of note, more students from DeLaSalle have advanced more projects and papers to the State History Day competition than from any other high school in Minnesota over the past ten years.   Students who do well at State may be chosen to compete at National History Day in June.

History Day is an annual project in the 11th grade Social Studies curriculum that gives juniors an opportunity to become expert historians by selecting and researching a topic of their choice around a national theme, which this year is “Taking A Stand in History.”  Students produced exhibits, dramatizations, websites, documentaries, and research papers, and they first displayed their projects for judging at DeLaSalle on February 21.   

Congratulations and good luck to:

Documentaries: Group

  • Ellie Nestingen and Joe Parenteau  – “Emancipation Proclamation of 1966: Texas Western Basketball”
  • Julia Eubanks and Joanna Sylvain – “Palmer Raids and the Red Scare”
  • Alicia Boucha and Jae Whiterabbit – “Trail of Broken Treaties”
  • Justine Hill and Gwen Kelley – “United States Reaction to the Arab Oil Embargo”


  • Josh Dolezal and Romario Villagomez – “Tuskegee Airmen”
  • Alec Charlton and Saul Maldonado-Perez – “Space Race”


Documentaries: Individual

  • Erin McCarthy – “Easter Rising”
  • Libby Cole – “Queen Elizabeth I – The Original Player”
  • Ava Methner – “Righteous, Harmonious: The Boxer Rebellion”
  • Golda Stewart – “W.E.B. DuBois v. Booker T. Washington”


  • Isabel Rossiter – “Gifford Pinchot and US Environmental Advocacy”
  • Andrew Stoup – “War of Currents”


Exhibits: Group

  • Eliot Doerner, Evan Francois, Xavier Roberts, Brady Thompson – “Cecil Newman: Civil Rights Through the Media”
  • Karina Karbo-Wright and Maggie Kerwin – “First Gay Marriage in the US”
  • Keenan O’Neill and Malia Takeshita – “Fred T. Korematsu and the fight against Japanese Internment”
  • Lauren Hanson and Claudia Partridge – “Women’s Day Off”
  • David Safris-Fuentes and Jessica Wheeler – “Women’s National Anti Suffrage League in Britain 1908”


  • Shelby Luellen and Moira Hazel – “NAACP”
  • Ben Steiner and Parker Swenson  – “Galileo”
  • Jacob Benjamin, Gavin Gregory and Jacob Proschel – “Lincoln Battalion”


Exhibits: Individual

  • Adelaide Hayden-Sofio – “Alice Paul”
  • Emma Dupont – “Bedlam: Chains That Bind”
  • Peter Wild Crea – “Ed Roberts Disability Rights”
  • Sheridan Cornett – “Jacobite Rebellion 1745-1746: Culloden”
  • Dacoda Speidel – “Paralympic Movement”
  • Emma Kelash – “Scopes Monkey Trial”


  • Jennifer Yeung – “Miranda v. Arizona: The Right to Know Your Rights”
  • Isabelle Horan – “Founding of the Humane Society of the United States”
  • Noah Zerull – “Stalingrad, the Great Turnaround of WWII”
  • Darrell Lett – “Langston Hughes”
  • Ayanna Gardner – “Stereotypes against Black Panthers”
  • Harrison Rowe – “Explosive History of the Atomic Bomb”


Websites: Group

  • Ben Anderson and Leysa Kurtyka – “Hukbalahap Insurrection”
  • Emma Friedmann and Jackie Venters – “Muhammad Ali and the Draft”
  • Jacob Brouillard, Leo Pfarr, Louis Snee, Riley Spielman, and Max Wolf – “Neville Chamberlain: Appeasement of Hitler”
  • Sam Mishler and Jack Odegard – “Satchel Paige”
  • Kemi Daniels and Matthlou Nimene – “Young, Gifted and Black: Angela Davis”


  • Claire Dutton and Isabel Hoyt – “Amber Alert”
  • Makayla Greer and Amaris Rodriguez-Price – “It’s Bigger Than Baseball”
  • Christian Dickson, Gabe Kalscheur and Deven Thomas – “Influence of Malcolm X”
  • D’Mario Few-Brewer, Joseph Lawrence, and Seamus Murray – “Lynchings of Duluth”


Websites: Individual

  • Kellan Moore – “Alan Turing and the Enigma Code”
  • Nadia Johnson – “Denver Principles”
  • Kaylaya Kilzer – “Fannie Lou Hamer”
  • Sylvia Villarreal – “Jesse Owens”
  • EmmaLee Belew – “Nellie Bly: Pioneer and Reformer”
  • Ansley Atkinson – “Simkins v Cone: Desegregating Hospitals”
  • Julia Gerloff – “Willmar 8”


  • Cassie Munoz – “Frida Kahlo”
  • Liam Hennessy – “The Rise of Modern Banking in MBS”
  • John Tamburino – “Italian Pride”
  • Nypri Fisher – “Diversity in Disney”


Performacne: Group

  • Lisbet Martinez-Port and Zachary Jester – “The White Rose”


Performance: Individual

  • Tabitha Hodgkins – “Florence Nightingale”


Research Papers

  • Matthew Smeaton – “Leo Szilard and the Unstoppable Bomb”
  • Lauren Jensen – “Norwegian Resistance Movement”
  • Erin Boehme – “Silent Spring: Changing the Minds of America”
  • Isabelle Paulsen – “Taking Down a Trust: Ida Tarbell Writing “The History of the Standard Oil Company”
  • Mary Scott – “Words Louder Than Actions”